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Gaining Deeper Spiritual Connection Through Meditation #MeditationMonday


Hello World & Haaaaappy Mondaaaay! ;)

So....It's Monday again... and now there's another 4 days that stand between you and the weekend. Sad reality, right? I know, for some of us, but not all of us, and I'm going to tell you why! Some people view Monday's as a new beginning. An opportunity to start new goals, finish up on old ones, and broker new deals. For those of us whom operate underneath the constraints of the 5day work week and business hours, Monday mornings can be quite ceremonial, and down right exciting!

It's all in how you view your Monday morning... Do you take it, or does it take you? Do you begin your work week with a structured outline on how your week will go, or do you just roll out of bed and hop on the roller coaster of uncertainty, and let it take you to your auto pilot's deeply rooted destination? I used to be that way, I really did. But once I became a budding entrepreneur, I had to get more focused and structured. Meditation is especially helpful for us business people because we are usually juggling 101 ideas, projects, and responsibilities. This calls for order in the mind. You can't get anything executed and produced if everything is all jumbled together in your head. Sort it out, map it out, and execute it.


Sometimes, our previous work week has been so exhausting and the weekend so eventful, that once Sunday morning rolls around, we're too tired to make it out of bed in time to get to church. This can be a real bummer and cause us to feel off balance, because we didn't get the spiritual nutrition that we need to carry us through our week. Well...instead of sulking and feeling guilty for being a tired human, whom was unable to defeat the beast called BED; get connected to God through meditation!

Some old school Christians may view practicing meditation as an invitation to the unknown. Another religious practice, serving some other God. I get it...because I used to be that way. But once I got older and went through a couple life changing experiences, I began to crave a more intimate connection with God and a deeper understanding for life. This caused me to look up what "Christian Meditation" would look like, and I got a better a better idea on how to view things. I gather that repeating chantings in another language can be intimidating. But you don't have to go that route. You can meditate to Theta Waves and let the muscles of your brain relax and purge to the calming sounds. Or you can choose your own mantra or scripture and chant that during your mediation. You control your experience!

The link beneath this paragraph is to an article on the 'WellBeing Alignment' site, on spiritual meditation. This article focuses on how to get connected to God through this practice, and how to view it. Check out the article and let me know if it enlightened you. 

This is a great Christ centered meditation guide that I love. Check it out! ;)

"Lesson 11 of The Way of the Heart Way of Mastery ACIM"

What did you think of this article, and what are your views on meditation? Sound off in the comments!

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