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Game Time- Are You Ready?

Game Time- Are You Ready?


 "AVIBRANT, GENUINE, AND PURPOSEFUL LIFE IS THE right of all humankind. But most of us fail to grasp it. We are lions and lionesses living as mice. Rather than exploring free on the savanna, we are living small and distracted lives. It is the calling of each man and woman who draws breath to have a grand vision for our lives, and to, each day, claim the vastness of that vision. Yet rather than stalk our dreams with abandon, we too often sit and sulk, blaming and complaining, chasing after paltry goals that cheat the magnificence of our being. Is this our true nature? Surely not." 

Brendon Burchard- Motivation Manifesto


Hello World,  

So we're about a month into the new year... For most, by this time goals and resolutions have been set and new lifestyle ideals have been imagined.. After that, comes the game of Chess.. The plotting, planning and setting of things in motion has usually begun by now, and your daily du diligence is slowly getting you closer to your goals. 

For others, life is shifting and things are changing. Original ideals have been reshaped and transformed into new itemized itineraries for greatness. 

Some of us are facing dilemmas and life altering decisions, that will most definitely redefine who we are as individuals... And truth be told; it can all be kinda scary!

Some of us are owning our destinies and callings in life, while others may still be searching. Some of us are in hiding and or awaiting permission to become who we are; innately.  

Oftentimes, accepting the responsibilities of greatness can be overwhelming, and downright intimidating. You may find yourself questioning your abilities, qualifications, and rights to ownership of these new roles and identities. What makes me good enough? What makes me different and unique enough to contend with the best and rise above the rest? 

Sleepless nights filled with thoughts of reasonable doubts; may in fact take you to the ledge of forfeiting the game, before you even get on the field to play. 

Other's may be so confident and sure of themselves and abilities that their nights are sleepless because they can't stop daydreaming about future ventures and successes.  

Whoever you are, and wherever you fit into these scenarios, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 

The truth is, if your dreams don't scare you, THEN THEY'RE NOT BIG ENOUGH!  

If you don't lose sleep over your ambitions, THEN YOU'RE NOT GOING HARD ENOUGH! 

If your stomach doesn't get nauseous at the sight of new opportunity, THEN YOU DON'T WANT IT BADLY, ENOUGH! 

If the very mention of your dreams don't light your face and emanate light through your eyes; THEN YOU ARE NOT ONE WITH YOUR GOALS! You my dear, HAVE DRY BONES! 

So what's going to make this year different from the rest? How are you going to slingshot your aspirations into fruition? 

Here's how... 

Write the vision, make it plain; and then marry the goal. COMMITMENT! 

Order the steps to completion of the project. ORGANIZATION! 

Be diligent in all that you do, pertaining to the goal. DEDICATION!  

Never give up and continue to press on, no matter how hard it gets, or how bleak things may seem. PERSEVERANCE! 


Be blessed world, and may 2015 be exceedingly and abundantly prosperous for us all!  

Love. Live. Life! 



This post is dedicated to my big brother Jovonny Holloway! Happy birthday big bro!!!!!!!!!! You are the hardest working, most ambitious person I know.  You have never been afraid of a challenge and I have watched you actively pursue your dreams with a vengeance, my ENTIRE life! Your persistence and ambition in ALL that you endeavor; is a driving force in my daily motivation. Thank you for being a phenomenal example of what the GRIND looks like! 


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