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Natalie. J


Natalie. J is one of the hardest working women I know. On top of being a wife, a mother of two, and a full time employee, this lady still manages to put in work around the house like a highly skilled homemaker! (Lolz) Her social media posts would go something like this... "Bring it on 50 hr work week, I'm ready for you! 10 hours over time, woot woot! 2 loads of laundry-DONE. Deep cleaned the kitchen,  the refrigerator and stove. Kids room-DONE, all before Noon! Bring it on 2 o'clock shift!  Money, money, money! " I kid you not, this is the stamina of this chick! Lol

Anyway, about a year ago, I noticed Natalie's social media posts started to sing a new tune... Everything changed to 'Passions by Natalie. J. My girl Super Woman had taken on another gig, she was now a business owner!  


Natalie is currently soaring to new heights within the Passion Party Industry, and her home life. Becoming a consultant and building her own team has created all kinds of new opportunities and freedoms for she and her family. Before I go any further, I'm going to switch it up a bit. I'm going to let Natalie tell you her story in her own words! Keep your eyes open and ears tuned to opportunity, because if you're looking for a way to change or enhance your monthly income, Passion Party Consulting may be for you! 



Hey Everyone, here is my story! 

When I was 28 years old I had everything I wanted and needed..except for a million dollars lol. But something was missing...didn't know what it was and then one day it hit me, I wasn't as present in my children's lives as I wanted and needed to be. I worked 40-55 hours a week and I did my part in the house-hold, but someone else was helping me raise my children. My amazing mother-in-law! (God bless her!)

For most Mommies you love hearing how your child's day was, how much fun they had, what they learned and how their little minds soaked it all in, but for me it hurt. It hurt sometimes because someone else was experiencing it with them, and I became jealous very quickly. I was working and paying bills, but that was it!


A few years ago I hosted a Passion Party for a friend getting married. The party was so much fun and I was given the opportunity to join the consultant's team. I passed it up, I worked too much and no way I'd have time. Fun thought though....getting paid to party. I kept in touch with her through fb and then BAM, I was hit in the chest!

She posted the story of a (now) fellow consultant one day, and the title of her story was "How Passion Parties Allowed Me to be The Mother I've Always Wanted to be." Those words hit my heart. I read it again but this time with tears in my eyes... And that was it, I called my Sponsor right then and there and I said sign me up!

I was so relieved to had finally found the answer to my struggle. I could schedule a couple parties a month and have extra cash. I could cut back some hours at work and still have extra money for me and my family. But little did I know, that I would completely fall in love and fully switch careers! 


I invested a small portion of money to buy my starter kit and at my first party I made my money back plus more! I thought to myself the whole way home,  "I literally just got paid to party with an amazing group of women," I was hooked. I am now a Team Leader with Passion Parties and building my career! I plan to be Team Manager very soon, and my goals for 2015 are already set! I am part of a team of amazing women and our sister-hood is unbreakable. Passion Parties has changed my life! I own my own business and get to travel and meet amazing women from all over! Here are some fun facts about my business.

*I sold over $15,000 worth of merchandise in 2014 and I made a pretty nice commission!

*I do Girl's Night In parties, Birthdays, Bachelorette, Couple's parties, newly single/divorced, and vendor events!

*I win bonuses, trips, awards, and free products all the time!

*Our convention is in Vegas every year!

*I am building my own team of amazing women, and I want to help other women be successful and reach their own dreams!

*I have financial freedom and I am debt free at 30 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you are interested in becoming a Passion Party Consultant and would be interested in joining my team, please contact me for more details! 
Natalie. J

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!