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Muhammad Ali: The Melanated Boxing Legend!

Muhammad Ali: The Melanated Boxing Legend!

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I won’t pretend that I am a boxing journalist, or that I know enough about the honorable Muhammad Ali to compose an article that would truly capture the essence of his life story. Not without heavy research, that is. However, today, Life. Culture. People. celebrates the legacy of a Black hero. NOT an American hero, but a BLACK hero, of African descent.

I am incredibly saddened that I did not have the privilege of celebrating the life and legacy of “The Greatest” boxing legend to ever live, before his departure from this earth. As previously mentioned, I’m no sports journalist, or even a sports buff for that matter, but I am a lover of people and good character. In light research for this piece I discovered a person with virtuous character and undeniable charisma. Part of the power behind his influence was his humorous wit. He could impart his truth on an audience of any color, and have it resonate with them because of his ability to challenge perspective with logic, and euphemisms of nature and rationale.  

Muhammad Ali was undoubtedly a voice for his nativity of people and swelled the hearts of Blacks across the globe with pride, every time they dared say his name.

His Blackness, Africaness, and melanated pigment was not an attribute of his physicality that he wanted to transcend the barriers of race. In fact, he wanted it to be noted. His heritage was not something he wished could not be seen by the eyes of America; yet instead he wanted his blackness to insult American perception of African heritage, by letting his truth be known. He was a lover of his people and way of life, and he did not wish to mix, be accepted, or invisibly black by white America. In fact, he was UNAPOLOGETICALLY black.

He was not coy about his wishes to keep his black blood-line “purely black”, and called the bluff of anyone who tried to act as though his sentiments weren’t shared by Americanized, imperialistic ideals of white supremacy.

Ali shed light on many issues of the black community, including America’s acceptance of other nations of people’s purposeful intentions to commune, breed, live, and earn with their own, but slander and scoff at the audacity of black people for taking pride in their heritage and wanting the same. This outspoken gem was not herald with high regard by the American people, and was never considered their hero or champion.

From the heart and mouths of an entire African village they roared- “Ali bomaye”, and he was celebrated as a champion and hero. Why would America want to change this historical truth now? Why does America want him as their own, now? Why do black icons become American Icons, only after death?

His stand against the Vietnam War, and the American draft pegged him an “American traitor” and rendered him an American rebel. He was charged with Draft evasion, sentenced to 5 years in prison, a $10,000.00 fine, and a 3 year suspension of his boxing license. Thankfully, an appeal overturned his prison sentence, but the courageous Ali was dignified in his decision and stance. And more importantly, he was alive 3 years later to fight another fight.

Ali was undoubtedly “The Greatest” to ever grace the boxing ring. He was “The People’s Champion”, and “The Louisville Lip”, with an impressive resume spanning over 20 years.

Boxing record

Total fights 61

Wins  56

Wins by KO 37 

olympic gold medalist

3 X World HeavyWeight Champion 


Soar in Peace Muhammad Ali. Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, your legacy will live on inside the hearts and minds of African American people, from now until eternity.



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