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Young Millennials: Victoria Long- Female Empowerment

Young Millennials: Victoria Long- Female Empowerment


Have you ever met a person and from the very first moment, you felt their power? The  positive energy... Well I recently had that experience when I met Victoria Long, founder of The Confessions of a Lady.... She had a bright smile and a genuine disposition.

Check out our interview and learn more about Victoria Long and the amazing organization she heads...

LCP- Can you tell me about Imperfectly Perfect?

Victoria- Ok, well the Confessions of a Lady is the organization the platform we stand on is Imperfectly Perfectly, Psalms 139:14. I'll paraphrase it..I'm fearfully and wonderfully made in his image. I came to that because we are all flawed and have sins but with God we are perfect. The conference stems from that. Knowing your worth when it's all said and done..what do you do?? Forget the nay sayers! what do you do when you leave that relationship or those friends?? How do you move on, how do you not fall back into the "victim" situation?

LCP- That's awesome! I love the concept. What's your demographic?

Victoria- We shoot for a demographic of 13 and up. We hon in on domestic violence with a concentration in molestation and rape. Most people think of the physical abuse but domestic violence can be array of things. We really try and concentrate on girls and women who have experienced molestation or rape at some point in their lives."

LCP- Speaking and informing people about these kinds of topics is so great, but we really don't talk about it enough in our communities.

Victoria- We don't speak about it at all, we are taught that what goes on in this house stays in this house. Not realizing it will trickle down into relationships. What we think we are worthy of and how we interact with others. Ultimately it comes down to the name for the conference confessions...first confessing then steps can be made to heal.

LCP- What made you start the organization?

Victoria- Me! .. (She laughs out loud) I was a product of both. Having almost been raped twice, and experiencing  a domestic violence relationship. I had some issues as far as sexual abuse in my life. Through it all I've made some terrible mistakes. I've done some things that should have taken me out! Even with me trying to commit suicide 5 times, I couldn't take myself out. So I thought maybe God had something for me, something bigger than me!

LCP- That is so amazing, just hearing that little bit is so inspirational. Sharing that with others is important, I can see why the conference is a huge deal.

Victoria- Yes, it's personal. You can have textbooks tell you how to cope and get over stuff but it's different from someone who has walked in the same shoes.

LCP- I have never experienced sexual abuse but my mother did and we grew up in the household. We probably saw and heard a lot of things we shouldn't have."

Victoria-" Statistics say 1-4 women will be abused before the age of 18. When people think about domestic violence it is physical but it is also financial, mental and verbal. To recover you have to find your worth my conference, know your worth."

LCP- I agree, coming from a home of domestic violence myself, I can say that it did affect me and my adult relationships with men. I had to learn how to love myself and forgive my past.

Okay, you have brought your vision to life. You're  living it.. You're  doing it. What are your goals/vision for the future?"

Victoria- Oh wow...where do I see myself in the future with this...? I want to travel with it. I can't stay still. I pray and if it's God's will that he opens up more and more venues in places outside of Alabama, let his will be done. I want to spread the word. I want to create homes for women who have been in those types of situations. A home where they can live rent free for a year. Concentrate  on saving know? I want to somehow tie it back to the community. I want women to get jobs that are better than Walmart and McDonalds, there isn't anything wrong with those jobs, but a career empowers a woman, and that's the vision. After they finish the,program they can get their money maybe out of an escrow, and not have to worry about bills for a while.  Ultimately, I want them to not go back into a domestic violence situation, or depend on that person for financial support.mStatistics say it takes 7 times before someone actually leaves a domestically violent relationship. Even though it may not seem that long. You have to think about the time you said this is it. I'm leaving and you did that 6x times. The time he bought you flowers or said it wouldn't happen again. That's what I want from the future of Confessions of A Lady and Imperfectly Perfect; homes, conferences, workshops and training classes.

LCP- I'm truly excited about the conference coming up! Give us a little taste of what we can expect.

Victoria- Okay, My friend Psalmist  Erika Evans will be there and there will be spoken word. Guest Speaker Starnisha Washington will be in the building, and tickets can be purchased at www.imperfectlyperfectknowyourworth.eventbrite



I would like to add we sat and laughed and talked way after the interview was over. It was such a pleasure to meet and interview Victoria. This interview left me motivated and inspired! I'm praying in agreement with her on her endeavors, and will be cheering her on as she continues on her journey. Victoria Long IS LIVING in the moment and HEADED into the future, TEACHING and INSPIRING one woman at a time!!


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Go get your tickets for the event, you must be there, it could be life changing!










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