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When she finally asked herself "What is my purpose in life?", Joell Regal realized

she was at THE crossroads... HER crossroads. A moment in life where she truly felt

the strength of her own blues. Using the moment as a catalyst, Joell reverted back

to her childhood fascination with Billie Holiday and other artists she loved as a

teenager, like Alanis Morrisette and Lauryn Hill. Mixing this emotional connection

with a newfound reflection on the past led to a modern day passion for creating

music like she'd never done before. Turning real life experiences into her own

melodic words became a regular thing. Soon, Joell found she was not just writing

for her own voice, but also from the voice of others in a way that felt totally

surreal and as natural as her hair. After a few years of stumbling blocks, stepping

stones, and with an undeniable mantra of anything worth having is also worth

fighting for, she's now ready to celebrate her growth with the release of this debut, five song


Born in Montgomery, Alabama Joell Regal fell in love with music as a 7 year-old

child. She learned several instruments as a teenager, including the cello at

Ramsay High in Birmingham... one of only three International Baccalaureate

schools in the Magic City. Her mother was at 16th Street Baptist Church when it

was bombed and 4 young girls lost their lives so the Civil Rights era was still very

real to Joell as a child. It also influenced her music and after attending The

University of Montevallo, a liberal arts college located at the physical center of

the state, Joell picked up the guitar and got serious about performing as well as

writing music. Following the birth of her own daughter, the fire inside was lit, and

she's been determined to be heard ever since.


With songs like 'Promise Land' and 'So Black', Joell shows support for her culture,

and for the kind of man she ultimately wants to honor with love... call it pride

without prejudice. Often interpreted as a "Royal Prophet", Joell Regal is

comfortable wearing the crown of a Queen, as well as being the casual girl next



On tracks like 'Love of You' and 'Forbidden Fruit', she reveals a side that many

women still want to hide... showing vulnerability, and embracing it in hopes of

encouraging others to do the same. Often casting a spell on listeners with her

introspective honesty, Joell lifts them up on Rainbows and Sunshine... a universal

sing-along that makes you want to shake off all your worries, and dance out in the



Poised to make bigger and more significant contributions through her music in

the years ahead, Joell Regal is a new kind of southern voice. Speaking the

language of love and compassion... hoping to light a candle of enthusiasm that can spread

through her audience - one song at a time.


Catch Joell this Friday 10/21 at Black Market Bar in 5 Pts Southside Birmingham. 

BTW! Be sure to tune in to ABC 33/40 on Monday 10/31/16 @ 9am to catch Joell's live segment! 

Check out this hot track: So Black!







Joell Regal Official Press Release 

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