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Say Hello to Our Child Development & Mental Health Freelancer: Lauren Packer


Who is Lauren?

    I am…  a LOVER of God, LIFE, family and fun. I am AMBITIOUS; and I do not believe in settling for the right now…. Life should be lived everyday with the possibility of being better than the day before. Often times, I am UNDERESTIMATED because of my soft heart, tone, and girly girl mannerisms. The reality is, I am well rounded and intelligent among many other things. Just get to know me, you'll see! I am REPUTABLE in the areas of children, learning, and psychology.

I have joined LCP to bring a greater understanding to early childhood developement. Sometimes children can't express their emotions or the evolution of the many phases they'll go through; and this can oftentimes be frustrating for both you and your little ones. That is why I'm here, to help Mommy & Daddy understand their little people better!

I love chiden and the mind. I love behavior and how it and the body works together subconsciously to produce actions, feelings and emotions. I hope to bring a dynamic perspective to the learning culture, while exploring children and mental health. I am an EXAMPLE of a woman who walks in FAVOR, steps out on FAITH, and is covered by GRACE. It is not me but God has brought me this far, and with HIM, my possibilities are endless. I am a Native of Chicago, born and raised on the south side. 

I am Lauren… I am LCP'S psychology writer.. I am your eyes and ears to things in the world you have wondered, thought, or even had an opinion about… I cannot wait for you to see what Im all about. 


PEOPLE: Inside The Heart & Mind of a Howard University Grad!

PEOPLE: Inside The Heart & Mind of a Howard University Grad!

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