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Say Hello to Our Culture, & Black Men's Mental Health Contributor: Aaron (Ace Boogie) SMITH

What's Up LCP?!


Aaron Smith aka Ace Boogie here, corresponding for the movement known as L.C.P. Shouts out to those of you who get the "Paid in Full" movie reference! 

I was born and raised in Huntsville Alabama and in the past 3 years I have lived in 3 separate states, driven from one side of the US to the other, literally 3 times and visited over 10 different countries; it's safe to say that I'm addicted to traveling!  I love everything about it and there is so much to learn and experience  when you immerse yourself in another culture. I now reside and work abroad in Abu Dhabi where I have been for the past year now. I'd like to consider myself a jetsetter and conisouier of life and culture. I plan to share stories, posts, pictures and videos from all over the world as I travel. Now, I by no means intend to brag or boast but rather toast to the Most High for this opportunity and to INSPIRE people to chase their own passions! Sometimes seeing something you imagined impossible is the best way to motivate others to do the same. I intend to promote mind elevation, believing in oneself, and also spark thought proking conversations from time to time. No topic is off limits!


I believe dreams are God given and all you need is a little Faith, mental toughness, and ambition to make them your reality, Our altitude is all determined by whom we choose to listen to. We must stay plugged in to the that inner voice that dares to dream big. Most importantly we must maintain a mindset that refuses to ask  IF we can do something, but instead asks WHY NOT?


*Background: I left Huntsville, Alabama (home) at the tender age of 18 to chase what I thought to be the "American Dream". However I didnt get far before I ended up atending college in Birmingham, Alabama where I learned first hand the struggles of being a young black man in the south. I attended classes in a building named after Geaorge Wallace. That's right, the same govorner that decided to defy our nations attempt to integrate schools! Needless to say,  I quickly realized it can be hard to win at life especially when you are starting behind the 200 years of mental, physical, educational, and financial imprisonment that is programmed into our subconscious, daily. We have to free our minds before anything significant can happen!


Despite the odds, I decided to use this adversity as motivation to fuel my ambition to finish school and recieve my Bachelors degree and began work at a prominant hospital in the south. Following the so called  "American Way" led me to the realization that playing by the rules, going to college and doing what I was "supposed to do" allowed for a decent life but I still wasn't satisfied. I always had a desire for more... Something just wasn't adding up. It was at this point I decided to drop it all and go chase my dreams and began this journey. God has blessed me to make it this far and I'm trying to SHARE GAME & PASS THE TORCH to those brave enough to try to follow their own hearts. Let's Go L.C.P.! If you need a little motivation and a getaway from time to time, don't worry I got you!










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