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Say Hello to our Music Culture Freelancer: Ashley Sankey!


Hey LCP, 

My name is Ashley Sankey and I AM A LOVER OF: GOD. MUSIC. PEOPLE. And in that order! Lol 
Because of the time & effort I've put into perfecting my craft, I am one of the hottest female vocalist in  Birmingham, Alabama!! I am a percussionist, guitarist, & keyboardist. I am also a musical director, poet, & photographer. I've performed all over the southeastern hemisphere, but my strongest place of musical influence is here in my hometown. I have performed all over the city; before city councilmen, with "The All City Band' & "The All State Concert Band".  I've performed with Virginia Samford Theater, Girls Rock Birmingham, and I've opened up for a few professional gospel artists. I have a natural love for writing. I have a bachelor's degree in Human Services, and a minor in English. I pour my heart out in song composition and my poetry. Graduating from college is my biggest achievement, and the one I'm most proud of..
COME along with me as I explore Birmingham'ss music scene. I have come aboard to Life.Culture.People. to give you guys the inside scoop on true musicianship, and the art of live performance! I am going to bring you guys captivating performances, beautiful photography, and the music culture of The Magic City!!!
I really hope you guys enjoy an insider's perspective of MUSIC&ART! 
For aditional facts and information about me, visit !!!

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