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Say Hello to Fashion Guru: Jasmine Elle Howard!

What's Up LCP,

My name is Jasmine Howard, aka, Jasmine Elle Howard and I am a free spirit that the world is so desperately trying to confine. Often times I find myself surrendering to practicality instead of embracing my inner, debonair soul. Anyone who is close to me has met this inner Jasmine upon occasion, but here, that is all you'll know. I’m a 20’s something who has lived in many states ranging from the East coast to the West Coast. Who has studied abroad and experienced different cultures. My educational background is a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s degree in biotechnology but over the years I have developed a passion for style.

I remember as a child spending all of my allowance money at Hobby Lobby, purchasing jewels and strings to make jewelry, I would take custom orders from family members and make a piece that I thought suited them. I also had a binder that contained all of my fashion designs with specific color schemes. My favorite style is European fashion because it is more understated than some other styles but I more so focus on personal style and wearing what makes YOU happy, regardless of the “trends” of the season. Fads don’t last but I am creating a fashion sense that is minimalistic, practical and attainable to the majority of America’s economy – the middle class. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few pieces that are splurge-worthy (what can I say? I’m a lover of beautiful things).

Much Love,

Jasmine Elle Howard




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