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Say Hello to our Art Contributor: Lindsey Christina!

Hello L.C.P.

My name is Lindsey Christina. I am a daughter. Loving Ex-Wife. Friend. Sister. Artist. Connoisseur of getting in trouble and tortilla chips. (And, probably tequila shots.) I was born in The Magic City and remain here to this day. Please note: fifteen years ago, these would have all been incredible embarrassing statements to admit and I would have assuredly had a crisis if I was still living in Alabama.  

However, as a Birmingham native, I believe that Birmingham is making great strides. With the revitalization of downtown, the re-purposing of historic buildings, and the relocation of young professionals into areas which only ten years ago would have been undesirable is crucial to the growth of Birmingham as it continues to become the cultural and artistic heart of our state. This is incredibly exciting to me in particularly because I love art. As an artist, my primary interest is in printmaking, painting, and collage. In my work, I have used the female figure, architecture, animals, and other decorative elements to express my interpretation of the human condition and how it relates to personal relationships, sexuality, vulnerability, and domestication. Despite all that seriousness: Please note, I believe I take my artwork more seriously than I take most other things. 

Art has consumed the last years of my life as I have grown increasingly involved with various art organizations here in town. And, from what I can tell, I believe that with the current momentum and promising initiatives that are in motion, Birmingham is very capable of expanding the art scene by way of education, gallery space, and festivals which, I believe, would undoubtedly place Birmingham in the same league as the larger, highly creative cities. Not only do I believe this will happen, I hope to be a part of it. And for this very reason – I’ll be bringing you all things, ART, ENTERTAINMENT, and CULTURE! #LCP



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