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Demetrius P. Guyton

Demetrius P. Guyton

On a typical weekday evening, I’d made a mundane stop at a local diner where my son loves to get homemade glaze doughnuts from. This particular day I hadn’t the luxury of fully grooming myself, and while awaiting our turn in line, I remember fidgeting with my hair and clothes.  I recall feeling insecure in my skin this day, because I knew that my outward appearance wasn’t up to par. I had on no makeup to cover the few blemishes that flaws my complexion, my hair was un-kept, and I had on around the house clothes. Definitely not an #OTD kind of day! (LoL’z) Just as I was hoping to get in and get out before anyone I knew caught me in an unflattering state, my son was greeted by a stranger. Who despite his outward appearance, seemed to be confident, full of life and charismatic as ever. I looked on at the warm regard toward my son from the stranger, hoping that my 3 year old didn’t react coldly, to the man that stood before us with a permanently disfigured face. My son reacted just as I suspected he would, and shied away from Demetrius P. Guyton.
I tried to apologize for his behavior, but Guyton stopped me mid sentence and assured me that there wasn’t a need for one. Then he asked me question. “Are you wondering what had happened to my face?” My journalistic instincts are always on standby mode; if not on, and they kicked into high gear! Of course my interest was thoroughly piqued, so I encouraged D. P. Guyton to proceed with his story. He went on to tell me, that when he was two months old, his mother tried to kill him with hydrochloric acid. He was being treated in a Jasper county hospital for unrelated causes, and she snuck the substance into the hospital in a castor oil bottle. She then poured the substance into a baby bottle and proceeded to bottle feed the acid to her infant son.
I was floored to say the least, as I wondered what could possibly posses a mother to do something so evil! I spoke to the thoughts that were pooling inside my mind, and he was happy to answer. He started by addressing my forward judgment on his mother; and told me that “She wasn’t and is not evil. She was sick, upset with my father, and after a twenty-five thousand dollar insurance policy, that she believed she’d get if I had died in the hospital that day.”
Sick or not, to betray your infants trust in such a bizarre way, crosses every beautiful intention that God designed their innocence for.  Our babies know nothing but to trust their caregivers and will hungrily devour most any substance we give them. So to me, to bottle feed your baby a lethal acid, constitutes evil and is unjustifiable! However, Demetrius feels that acceptance of God’s bigger plan and forgiveness is something that should be given to us all; upon recognition of our wrong doing, that is. He also feels “Judgment should not be cast upon the guilty. Justice for the victim and innocent, yes. But judgment and ridicule on the guilty, no. I’m not saying that a person shouldn’t be punished by the law for their crimes and transgressions. But the mockery and judgment by all of mankind, is what leads to a vicious cycle of pain, anguish and misplaced anger.” Guyton personally believes that things should be reconciled in forgiveness, love and peace, just as Christ would do.

Believe it or not, this in depth conversation took place in a matter of ten minutes (give or take a few), which is about as much patience my son had for standing in one place. I informed Demetrius of my developing blog, got his contact info, and told him I’d be in touch for the full story. Unfortunately when I called Guyton, just a few weeks later, he and wife Nikki were en-route to Dallas, Texas, on a new venture in life. Of course this taught me an immense lesson in procrastination, but I still got his story, the next best way I could, over the phone.  I gave D. P. G and wife a few days to get settled in, and when I called back, he, Nikki and I had the greatest, honest conversation. It was more like his wife & I holding the conversation around him, (LoL) but this gave me awesome insight and another angle.
Here are some of the highlights from our conversation!



L.C.P: When & where did you guys meet?

Nikki G: We met @ soda machine, we were both trying to get something to drink, and after I got my drink I turned to walk away, but then he came running after me, and asked me if I had 10 cents to spare. I told him to follow me to my car so I could get it, and that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

D.P.Guyton: Well not exactly then, because at the time my deceased 1st wife, was still alive.
Nikki: Right. D and I have been together for over 15 years, and that far back is a little blurry to me. But he was the perfect gentlemen and very respectful to his marriage.

D .P. G: Yeah I wasn’t mack’n, trying to get her number. We just held a random, friendly conversation about The Lord, and I went on my way.

Nikki G: Yes, and then a year or so later, he and his wife visited my church and started attending. Of course we remembered meeting each other at the soda machine that day, but that was all. I will admit though, that I did think he was attractive. I’m human; I can’t help what’s appealing to my eye!
She laughs a girlish laugh in love, and then Demetrius intervenes, continuing the story on how they met.

D. P. Guyton:  And then sadly, about a year or so later, my late wife had a horrible asthma attack and died. We had only been married for two years. That was one of the worse periods of my life. But of course I can see why God sent us to Nikki’s church, because he had another destiny for us both. I loved my wife dearly, and I mourned her. But I can’t help who The Lord sent to heal my many pains. The beauty of our love is that we are friends first, and we both truly accept one another for who we are.

Nikki. G: I was 500 pounds when I met D at the soda machine and three years later when we got married. I thought he was a beautiful creation.  He was my knight in shining armor. He healed me from a lifetime of pain, self esteem and self worth issues. When I was younger, I thought I had to buy friends and love. I lost my parents when I was 10, and had a multi-million dollar trust fund. My family robbed me of some of it (not all of it) and I blew a lot of it buying friends, drugs, alcohol, and many other things, but that’s another story. (She laughs)  

D. P. G: I will say this…because of my life and all the things that have occurred I tend to be the giver and one that sacrifices for the relationship. I used to try to compensate for what I felt they were missing in my physical appearance, and I had accepted that this was just a part of my role in life. But then Nikki came around and taught me what true love really is, and for the first time ever, I truly feel handsome and attractive.

Nikki. G: Demetrius taught me true faith and trust in God. I got to know our God on a deeper level after D and I started dating. And I know it was all in God’s plan for us. I remember the Day I heard God’ voice, loud and clear, tell me that D was my husband. I literally heard Gods’ voice, loud as a trumpet, give me that message, and I received it.

D. P. G: God had a lot of healthy changes for both of us to make…and I guess he knew that it would take each other to push one another to those changes. She needed to lose weight for health purposes. Physically, she was just as beautiful to me at 500 pounds, as she is now. But I needed her to be alive to live life with me.

Nikki. G: I had the gastric bypass surgery in the year 2000. It’s been 14 years since my procedure and I lost 300 pounds in 365 days. I haven’t and any complications haven’t gained any of my weight back and have been healthy ever since. Praise God!
D. P. G: God did a lot in both of our lives, and we’re here to spread his word and truth. God will provide all that we need if we trust him. Always let His Will and His plans be greater than our own.

L. C. P.: Thank you both for sharing your stories with Life. Culture. People. I believe that your faith and love will shine brightly and the two of you have tremendous testimonies. Ms. Nikki, I will be in touch with for an in depth interview on your life story, soon. Will that be okay?

Nikki. G: Yes Je’Don, I would love that! I would be honored, really, please do.

L. C. P.: Oh trust me, the honor is all mine!  So what’s next for you two, what took you guys to Dallas, TX?

D. P. G: God has blessed us with some new opportunities, we are republishing our books, mine is called ‘The Chosen One’ and my wife’s book is titled ‘Through the Eyes of a Lady’.

Nikki. G: And we’re working on our joint collaboration, a book about love and marriage in Christ. ‘Faith and Love, Above and Beyond’

L. C. P.: Those are all exciting endeavors, best wishes and God bless on all your projects and I will be in touch for a second feature.

D. P. G: We’ll be waiting Je’Don. Thank you for your time and congrats on pursuing your dreams, I can feel your greatness!
(I’ve been getting that a lot lately.. LoLz)

L. C. P.: Thanks for the well wishes and thank you for giving me my first story.
Learn more about Demetrius and order his book on his website!




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