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Life: Zoom In- Can You See the Details?

Life: Zoom In- Can You See the Details?


My year did not start off the way I wanted it to, nor was I doing the things I ordinarily do in preparation for a new year. Normally, a production or some sort of project would have been shot and ready, or at least in the works by the end of a year. And I’d most definitely have decided on a theme. Some phrase or concept has usually resonated within my spirit by December, and tons of material and content ideas start swarming my mind; but not this year. This go round I felt a bit scattered… like I was off balance within LCP and was losing my grip.  

Things within my platform had changed and my once thriving magazine style team of contributor’s had dwindled; which both confused me and forced me to figure out an alternative. However, the time between my confusion and finding an alternative was a real bummer. Countless uncertainties encumbered me while simultaneously draining me of all my creative juice: this was agony.

Be that as it may, I’m not one to throw myself a long pity party. We may have a glass of wine and talk about it, but I am big on revival and redemption, not sulking. So, I pulled myself out of the slump by figuring out the small details about what I wanted from my business and my platform.


This is exactly what I had to do to regain vision and perspective on what it is that I do. Truth is, I am so hungry for my “big break” and the “next big thing”, that I became overwhelmed by my desires for advancement. It’s like… I am so close to the next level that I can practically feel it in the atmosphere. I made such personal advancement in my writing career in 2016, that I’m looking to keep the momentum going and have some of it overflow into my beloved LCP. Which it has. This month we were featured in BHM BIZ Magazine in their bloggers influencer’s story, and I have several opportunities on my horizon, but for some reason it’s not enough. It’s not enough that I’ve grown into a career that I thought would be outside my reach because I lack a degree. It’s not enough that I am a panelist on the weekly 95.7 Jamz, Abby Award winning radio show ‘Vital’. It’s not enough, because I’m not balling yet. But that’s not being fair to myself or what I have achieved. So I had to ask myself: What are we missing here?

While it’s cool to be driven by your desires for success and evolution, you can’t allow your yearnings to cripple you. This happens when we’re looking at too big a picture. If you’re not applying enough attention to detail, you’re going to miss all the intricate parts that complete the bigger picture.


I also realized that right now, I gotta pay the bills. This caused me to assert all my creative energies toward my paying work, which wasn’t right. LCP has a readership that deserves consistent content, and I have finally figured out a way to balance it all. But while digging in and looking more intently at my circumstances, I realized that perhaps part of the balance was cultivating and fine-tuning my personal brand & image. Which in the long run is the best thing for LCP because I’m facing a lot of opportunities right now, and this is the time for connection.



What does the fine print say? Do you know? What should it say?

Have you zoomed in on the shadows? Have you enlarged the photo and made out the details? 

What separates you from other entities in your field?

Are you aware of all the things that make you and your dream unique?

What do you offer? Who do you offer it to, and Why?

Is it time for some rebranding or restructuring? Should you revamp your initial concept? Is, or would that be in the best interest of your dream, company, project, or service?

If any of these questions burned a hole inside you, this post is for you! All my fellow millennials who feel like 2017 is already lost, I got yo’ back! For all the creatives that were a little overwhelmed by the end of 2016, and were unable to focus and/or adequately plan for the New Year, I got you. This post will reinvigorate your ambition and help you find focus on what makes you and your dream unique and incomparable.


The Contender Vs The Competitior

Are you in competition with anyone? Why? By my personal definition, there’s a difference between a competitor and a contender.

Contender- A contender is someone who is as good as, or better than the best in their industry. While others are operating at optimal performance, a contender has yet to reach his/her full potential. This person is secure with themselves and the process of personal evolution.

Competitor- A person that is so concerned with their fellow contenders, that they have tricked themselves into believing that the next person is in direct competition with him/her. This person lives in a state of constant competition, which inadvertently drains them of their originality and innovation.  

With that said, which one are you?



Copy cats are gross, and nobody respects anyone who can’t come up with their own shit. Which also ties into trying to keep up with other negus. Don’t let that make you swerve out of your lane. And most importantly, don’t start trying to keep up with people they have no business trying to keep up with.

I often find myself racing against the blogging standard set by my community. There are do's & don'ts, and best practices to aid you in your plight to becoming the best, most consistent, useful content producing, creative-genius your side of the country. When following these types of influencers so closely, you’ll come to realize several things: Everyone is following the same formula, or Just because that formula worked for him/her, doesn't necessarily mean it’s going to work for you. And you’ll discover that up and coming influencers are merely copying and pasting blogging concepts and modules set by predecessors of this medium. Don’t become distracted by what’s popping for other creatives. This will rob you of your personal direction.

Are u paying enough attention to the fine print? Have you zoomed in on the spots that need a high definition filter applied? Are you even clear on your direction? Do you have a plan?

The last thing you want to do is start trying to pull off a production you have no plan for. Birmingham Councilman Marcus Lundy said—

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”.

Are you still wishing and dreaming, or do you have a plan to set some things in motion?

#YearOfTheGrind #Circa2017 #MakeItCatalytic

Use the #YearOfTheGrind formula to map out your goals for the year. It’s super simple. Create 4 mini-grinds to complete each week to further the goal. In essence, 4 mini-grinds (tasks) should complete the #GrindOfTheMonth.


You Can't Rush the Timing of the Universe

Sometimes, things evade you for a reason. Some lessons are not to be learned before the appointed time. It took being sat still by a snow storm, no work (my day job) or interruptions, and the wonderful calming amenities of my husband's job to come to many revelations. Without his requirement to be here, this comped stay, the snow storm, and this assignment, I wouldn't be at this place of understanding today. It was all the universes plan of intricate timing. While interviewing the city councilman and all the other organization heads for this piece, I truly stepped into my purpose— I. am. A. storyteller! I was born to produce stories of substance, and history and evolutions of life, culture, and people. This years is all about making it catalytic. In all that you do, whatever you do, vow to—“Make it catalytic”.



#MakeItCatalytic is a charm I gleaned from a conversation with the councilman for the piece the body of work that undoubtedly changed the game for me. Let’s just say…now, all the city politicians want their cities stories told by me!  







Meditation: Setting Your Mentality for 2017

Meditation: Setting Your Mentality for 2017