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You can find the essence of life force energy in everything. From the birds and the bees, to plants, flowers and trees, there is life force energy present in all things. There are energy frequencies in our thoughts, actions and emotions, and people, places, and certain things can often trigger the onset of harmful, stagnant energy.  Or the exact opposite. Certain people, places and things can activate happiness, gratitude, and fulfillment. When two people have a genuine connection and are exuding positive, constructive or optimistic vibrations, their spirit’s get charged by one another. Encounters like these will energize you, and you’ll move happier and more purposeful throughout your day. This is why we have to choose our company wisely.

Most of us deal too lightly with our energy. We are unaware of the depth of its power, and we don’t gird ourselves, or protect ourselves before we venture out into the universe for the day. As evil and awful as the world is behaving daily, do we honestly think we can afford to go out uncovered? Without our inner selves balanced and empowered, and our protection deployed? Have we asked The Creator and our ancestors to walk with us and shield us from the woes of lower vibrations?


This is why it’s a good practice to start your day with yoga and meditation, as yoga is the practice of moving the prana in your body around. Prana = life force energy. Thai Chi and Qi Gong move chi/qi. Chi and Qi = life force energy. The Hebrew word for life force energy is Ruach.  It is translated in the bible as wind, something unseen, like a breeze.

Our thought and emotional patterns are two of our biggest energy facilitators. A good friend of mine named Sheri Bagwell, who is a reiki energy healer, always says that our fears, anxieties and emotions could actually be translated as energy in motion. This is because emotions are supposed to move through the body and exit. We are not supposed to keep these frequencies bottled up because when we resist emotions like humiliation, melancholy, resentment or angst we trap that bad energy inside. 

This creates stagnation and causes our creativity to become stifled. Ever notice how apathetic we become after some draining encounter? Our to-do lists become a daunting task, and we no longer have any excitement or will to aid us in our duties. This is why it is very important for creators and innovators to live in a state of well-balanced energy, so they can remain focused and vibrations of creativity can flow freely.


In an energy sessions with Sheri, she can sense and feel where there is stagnant energy trapped inside the body. Not only can she feel it through her hands, but a source of light/ god consciousness reveals to her where there is stagnation present, and depending on which chakra is jammed, she knows what types of ill emotions or thought patterns you’ve been feeding your soul. She will ask you questions that uproot the stagnant emotion so that she can spin the energy around to help you release it. The thought patterns or emotions trapped in your mind and body will begin to surface and you’ll recognize what needs releasing by the thoughts that come to mind. While asking you if you are willing to release those emotional hindrances (and you agree), she is working the bad stuff out your chakras and out of the body. When you say yes, you free up your energy to form a new energetic pattern. The new pattern of your choice gives you the ability to lose the prompts that generate negative emotions and energy. 

New think patterns will create a new design of love, health and wellness. Self-depreciating fears will dissolve and lead to emotional freedom and mental clarity. It will become easier to be happy and give up control over people, places and things that you have no control of. This will also strengthens your intuition and your connection to the Most High God (the Creator, the Universe) and the world around you will become more enjoyable and better suited to your needs.



Now that we know what we are meditating on, we can prepare to affirm these beliefs. Our aim is to enhance our spiritual awareness so that we may avoid emotional and mental pitfalls. We want to be centered, balanced individuals so that we may take life by the horns and be the creators of our own destinies. We want to impose our will on the universe and we want it to yield the fruit that we need. In order for it to do so, we’ll need to first plant the right seeds in our hearts, minds, and spirits.

1.       Inhale deeply through your nose, drawing the breath of life all the way down into your lowest chakra (your tailbone), and exhale slowly through your mouth. Be sure to create a vibration with your voice and allow it to bounce around inside your body. Do this 10 times.

By now you should feel fresh energy coursing through your veins, and your mind should be settled and open to the universe.

2.       Spend a few moments in prayer/thanks, giving gratitude to The Creator for allowing you another day to walk in your purpose. Be thankful for all the beautiful qualities that encompass your being. Be thankful for the beauty in your life; your closest purest relationships, your family, support system, health, active limbs.

Gratitude sets the tone for optimism. When you see life through optimistic lenses, you can find the silver-lining in most anything. This allows you to be more receptive of the daily curve balls of life. Things happen, things throw you off course, but what is the silver-lining? Everything happens for a reason, and when we focus on finding the lesson or blessing in all things, we can see what the Universe it up to on behalf of you. Maybe getting to where you were going 10 minutes late allowed you to run into someone you needed to make a connection with. Or maybe it helped you avoid the collision that happened at the exact time you would have been driving on the highway. Learn to accept life and all its curves.

3.       Begin your meditation.



I am a spirit being living inside an earthly shell and I must acknowledge the presence of my spirit self.

I will be conscious of my spiritual well-being and will do my part in protecting my emotional and mental virtue.

I will walk in the spirit so that I may recognize when the forces of darkness and negativity are dwelling within my energy field.

I will walk in the spirit so that I may see far enough ahead to avoid emotional and mental pitfalls.

I will not entertain bad energy, nor will I dwell in it.

I will avoid draining and disturbing people, places, and things that are harmful to my energy

I will walk in light, live in light, and do my best to see life through optimistic lenses.

I owe it to myself to find the blessing or lesson in all things, and I will do that so that I may grow from my experiences.

This week I will break new ground and my vibrations will cause me to attract that which I desire.

I will work my plans, and produce results, and my week will be victorious!

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