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Sometimes a little luxurious relaxation can put your hustle in perspective for you. Luxuries big and small are reminders of everything that we're working towards and striving to achieve, and if a few frills and treats are the rewards that follow scoring that new client ($$$$), or creating new residual income, then we become more cognitive of the behaviors and choices that produce these results. But it’s not as simple as that, right? It’s actually quite a process getting those factors down to a science and it takes time, commitment and patience.     



Take myself for instance; I’ve been an unpaid writer my entire life. I am a lover of the art form and whether I am being paid to produce awesome content or not, I still get fulfillment from the high of creating something new. But now, I am a paid freelance writer and I bask in the beauty of my thoughts and words having earning potential. Has it been an easy road to discovering my earning path? No. As I previously mentioned, it’s been quite the process, but that’s the beauty of it! I am able to track my growth and see how I’ve evolved.



I am a self-made journalist and I do not possess a magic certificate (degree) that deems me qualified and well learned; I had to figure out how to break into my industry. I had to pay my dues, network my ass off, and jump at any opportunity to showcase my skills. I had to declare that I wasn’t going to work for other people my whole life, and that the universe and The Creator would allow my gifts to make room for my advancement. With this perspective in mind, I COMMITTED to the journey of evolution and set out to TAKE my destiny. With a little TIME and PATIENCE, doors began to open and relationships I had been nurturing had begun to flourish. This allowed me to make new connections within my network and new opportunities began to present themselves.



Fast forward a little, and here we are. I can breathe a little easier financially and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Not like the light at the end of the tunnel that transitions you into the galaxies of the afterlife, but a light that shows me the way. A light that shows me a promising future and a way to get there. Now, my family and I take small luxuries like weekend getaways. Not always someplace exotic, but a nice change in pace and scenery. Anyway, one late night on one of our little retreats I decided to take a dip in the Jacuzzi by my lonesome. My husband and son were already asleep but I was up and wired. I had taken the peace of the late night as an opportunity to get some writing done, and once finished I decided to relax in the luxury indoor pool and Jacuzzi spa. It’s about 2am at this point, and I’ve got the place all to myself. With Beyoncé’s Lemonade album on full blast, a glass of brandy, and a Sister Souljah book, I was in a place of ultimate peace. Zen. A little me time goes a long way.



As the hot water bubbled and the jets massaged, I relaxed and reflected. It was refreshing to sit back and actually enjoy the fruits of my labor. Not like how you enjoy being able to come home to the comfort of the home you pay for, or like the convenience of having a car, but like the satisfying euphoria of guilty pleasure. With Beyoncé purring “6inch heels” in my ears, and the relaxing effects of the brandy, I reflected on where my grind had taken me thus far. Here I am, living life by my terms, not punching someone else’s clock everyday (I do sometimes, 2 times a week, but not every day (lol), it’s a start in the right direction), and steadily building my portfolio of published work. A year ago I didn’t have steady clock punching work and I had yet to start earning from my craft. Now, I have relationships with several editors of different publications and can get responses on my pitches within 24 hours! Now, my family can enjoy small luxuries such as these and rightfully plan for the next one. That’s the beauty of journey!



While on journey it is inevitable that the course of your path change up from time to time. The ultimate goal never does (or should), but the path to getting there will come with detours. DO NOT let the detours DETER you from the ultimate goal. It’s not important how you get there, it’s just important that you do. We are not supposed to become rigid in the courses that we chart for ourselves because we are always supposed to be open to change. Change is the harvest of evolution and without it we are stagnant.   



REFLECT on where you’ve been, how far you’ve come, and where you’re going. If you are cognitive of your growth you will be more respectful of your current position. Reflect on how far you’ve come since you set out to achieve your goals. What have you learned, who have you met, where is your networking and universal favor helping you go?

PROCESS the learnings of your introspective reflection. Own up to your accomplishments and shortcomings. If you’ve discovered you’ve ventured off course, what does correcting these behaviors look like? Declutter and process all the opportunities you have on your plate. What opportunities could you be working harder, what elbows do you need to position yourself near to rub? Who haven’t you met that you need to meet? What position are you currently in? Have you reached a sweet spot? Would you recognize it if you had? Are you in position for expansion? Is the picture crystal clear?  Are you getting closer to the goal?

RESPECT where u are right now and understand what your current position is preparing you for. Respect the journey. Stop caring about other people's journeys unless it’s for motivational purposes, but do not ever allow it to make you envious. Success looks different for everyone and no one is exempt from the process of evolution; which is why you have to respect the process. You get what you give, you reap what you sow, and the universe always returns karma 10 fold. This is why journey is an individual venture. No two people’s paths will ever be the same.


I will respect my position. I will respect my journey and recognize my own evolution. I will not pair myself up against anyone else and I will not become envious of someone else’s success. I will recognize when I have reached a sweet spot in my journey to evolution and I will bask in it.

This week begins a new, with fresh opportunities and new resources for me to capture. It is up to me to go after the new and I take complete ownership of this responsibility. I speak new life into my journey and I will explore new avenues for advancement. I will seek out new prospects and create new occasions for new business.

This new week will be prosperous and I will not end it without a new break in development.

Expansion is the ultimate objective and this week will yield new fruit.

This I declare, this I will seek, this I will achieve.


Love. Live. Life.



Did you enjoy this weeks’ meditation Monday? Were you able to gain some takeaways that will aid you this week? Do you identify with the message? Are you able to see the importance of respecting the process? Does this perspective enable you to see the importance of respecting the process? Do you now see that process is individual journey? #SoundOffInTheComments!

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