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Plagiarism: Modern Day Love & Relationships


Look around…. Are you impressed with how love is being depicted?  Are there wonderful examples of the “Process” love can take you through? If you are still blessed enough to have Matriarchs in your family, are they still leading by example? Our generation is definitely caught up in lifestyles and unrealistic values as it relates to courtship and genuine bonds. Ask yourself, why is this so easily plagiarized? The act of pretending or “Going through the motions” runs very high these days. Particularly with celebrities. We often mold ourselves after what we see. Celebrities will have such an amazing relationship and we all latch on, proclaiming our desire with #relationshipgoals. It’s definitely heartbreaking to see the demise once it happens.

Recently Omarion (Former R & B group Member) had an abrupt end to longtime Girlfriend and Mother Apryl Jones. This relationship was depicted carefully and cautiously. They gave us insight of the trials Apryl faced with Omari’s Mother and her battle for Career development. The honesty still lead to failure.  Many supporters, were so happy for them. 


Then you have other couples like Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez (VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta) parading around a Marriage that was no real.  What does this do for our generation and how we handle love? Love should be taken seriously, especially a partnership as strong as a marriage. We should never want to throw that title around without fully understanding all that it entails.  The plagiarizing happens when we start following into the trap of “Postponed” love.  It almost reminds me of the Aunite who has been dating your “Uncle” for years, and gives him the “Husband” title without actually being married.  Some may say it doesn’t matter, especially in certain states, but it does. It matters because we have separatedGirlfriend/ Boyfriend from Marriage for a reason. They are 2 different levels of love and should be treated as such.


Reality TV and Social Media outlets have left us with a tainted and blury image of what love should be. It’s so disappointing to see what should be promising situations turn so negative or presented falsely. That disappointments can turn into rage at some points because love is now depreciated in its value. Almost like it’s a joke. Something to be entertained by.  So what’s your perspective?  

Many people have voiced concerns on exposing relationships. Many say keeping a very low profile or being discreet about things is the best route to take. Consider that Matriarch in your family?Think of how they handle their love life. Was it exposed or discreetly lived out.

Reality TV in particular has created such an harmful impact on love. While some thinks its truth soup, others can relate to it all being plagiarized and developed for ratings. We need to take a stand and do the work internally before partnering with others. The examples we have may vary, but that can’t be an excuse. We have to bring the value back into love. We can’t allow it to lose its light, or relevance. Do the work.

Be Love,


Did this article bring some perspective on modern day relationships? Do you find similarities in relationship examples that surround you daily? DO these examples make you want to aspire to love, or run from love? #SoundOfflcp!






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