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MEDITATION: Vibrate Higher to Counteract the Perils of Lower Vibrations- Police Brutality and Racism!

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As we embark on a new week, I know that we as a people are heavy laden with emotional burdens. We are in a new millennial civil rights fight for our lives. A fight for equality, a fight for justice, and a right to life. The same plight of our ancestors from over 50 years ago. The same plight that stems from 400 + years of slavery, 100 years of Jim Crow laws, and then another 50 years petitioning our humanity. We are facing a country that is divided. Half of the people act as if they don’t understand the complexities of our subjugated disparity, and as if our instincts are misleading us into false perspective and narrative. Then the other half of people understand our disadvantage in the American judicial system, and are willing to stand in solidarity with us. We have irresponsible anchorman push the brainwashing propagandas of our corrupt government, and declare our cries of slaughter, ambiguous. Here we are, marching across the globe for the same freedoms of past generations, and fellow Americans have the audacity to counter our protest, with protest… How…disheartening… How contradictory? How…inhumane?

Although this reality is very disparaging, we cannot allow it to defeat us, determine our frame of mind, or energetic frequencies. WE MUST VIBRATE HIGHER. We do not want the enemy to manifest its works on us through our fears and vibrational patterns. We do not want that which we fear, to manifest its self physically into our realities. There are evils that are lurking and propelling evil into action. They get the evildoers to commit evil by playing in their energy fields, and whispering sweet nothings (or evil nothings lol) to them until their seeds start taking root and spring into action.


1.       MEDITATE— Meditation allows you to connect with yourself and higher power. In meditation, you are able to drift closer to positivity by being open to messaging from The Creator and the universe. Meditate on LOVE. As hard as it is to humor the idea of a loving society in these times, you still need your vibrations to attract LOVE and not HATE.


2.       BE CONSCIOUS OF YOUR THOUGHTS— There are hundreds of philosophies that declare your thoughts turn into action. Even the Holy Bible says, “as a man thinketh, so shall he be. Or my fav, “out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks”. You must, we must, be very conscientious of the thoughts we allow to swim around our minds because they will inevitably penetrate our hearts, and will become actions. When those negative thoughts come to mind, KICK THEM OUT!  


3.       AFFIRMATION— Come up with or google some positive affirmations and speak them into the universe, several times a day. Speak protection, love, healing, and forgiveness into the universe. There is immense power in speech. Understand that the universe must yield to your command, because The Creator gave us power and dominion over earth and the heirs of darkness.


4.       ACTIVATE YOUR SPIRITUAL ARMY— Every soul is blessed with guardians from the galaxies. Whatever you believe in, Jesus, spirit guides, angels, ancestors, etc, you MUST deploy them to spiritual battle on your behalf. You MUST activate your spiritual army to intercede on your behalf. Everything that happens in the natural world (3rd dimension) starts first in the spirit realm (5th dimension), so you MUST have spiritual protectors to counteract evil on your behalf.  Better safe than sorry, talk to your protectors and let them know that you need them and want them to protect you from low frequency leeches and parasites.


5.       BE CONSCIOUS OF WHAT YOU CONSUME— It is often said that diet is also important to your spiritual wellbeing. I would imagine that this is why most religions have dietary guidelines. Do we always agree with them? No, most of the time re resent our perspective spiritual practices for dictating our eating habits and consumption. Be that as it may, the rules, suggestions, or restrictions are there for our better good. I’m not suggesting that you should cut out all of your fav’s, but try to mix in some foods that will benefit your energy fields as well.

Foods that cause low frequencies: Genetically modified food, foods treated with chemicals and pesticides, white rice, flours, sugars, coffee, sodas, alcohol, drugs, processed, packaged, canned, and fast food. Frozen foods, cow milk, cheese and yogurt, deep fried foods, and microwavable foods

Foods that cause high frequencies: Organic, unprocessed foods, nuts, seeds, berries, virgin oils, natural supplements, grains, brown rice, herbal teas, Alkaline water.

6.       MEDIA— Be aware of what you allow the media to pump into your mind! The media and television are the biggest propaganda machines and they control the perspective of the general public. That is, if you are not strong minded and accustomed to thinking for yourself. The internet, social media, music, movies, television programming, etc, are all tools that can manipulate your perspective. Don’t allow any harmful messaging to seep into your mind. Protect yourself.


7.       ENVIRONMENT— Your home is your place of solace and should have positive energy vibrating through the atmosphere. Feng Shui is imperative in the home. Have healing crystals and energy rocks, Ankh’s, crosses, candles, aromas, books, devotionals, photos, or  art. Whatever creates loving, peaceful, protective vibes for you, have its existence/presence spread throughout your home.


8.       COMPANY— Be mindful of the company you keep, energy is contagious! That goes for family, friends, business associates, etc. You owe it to yourself to protect yourself from harmful people. Their energy could be attracting parasitic leeches from lower frequencies, which in turn attracts dangerous, harmful interactions and situations.  


9.       YOUR ACTIONS— Be considerate in your behavior, positive, loving, compassionate, and forgiving. These acts of thoughtful kindness attract physical acts of kindness.


10.   POSITIVITY— Although it’s hard to be positive and loving at a time like now, the key is to be this way, anyway. Positivity inspires, and builds hope. Be positive, and encouraging.


I hope these tools and perspective resonate with you, and I hope you feel better equipped to handle the perils of this dangerous time that we are living in. If you have any questions, thoughts or comments, holla at us #SoundOffInTheComments!









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