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Self Acceptance: Comfortable in the Skin You're in

"If you don't love yourself, how in the hell are you going to love somebody else, can I get an amen?"
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Self acceptance is not arrogance. Let's be clear on that. Self acceptance is not only being confident, but truly finding a form of peace with who you are as a human being. This task is never over. Many people think you get to a certain point in your life and you've fully accepted yourself. Incorrect! You will never be 100% ok with where you are in life. We are forever growing and evolving right? So the contentment you need to stay still, dies quickly. The act of self acceptance is a rigorous journey, and ignites so many different fires internally. That picture needed to be painted. There needs to be a clear understanding of the process and how crucial it is in the long run. Remember the work is there, and will always need to be done.


So how does self acceptance effect dating and being in love? Enormously! Self acceptance is a strong and direct energy brewing in the depths of your soul. It manifests so many different vibrations. In order for a union to work, there must be:

1. Accountability

2. Fulfillment

3. Desire to evolve

All of these are also needed when tackling self acceptance. The weaker you are, the weaker your relationships are. We can't expect anyone to pour into us and we don't know how to pour into ourselves.

Self acceptance was something I felt I had until I became a wife. You quickly realize how much your focus has shifted away from yourself when you are with someone else. This is why learning the value in yourself is crucial. Self worth needs to be earned. It can't just be a statement you use.
                                                     -Genuine Gemini

The struggle in so many women is feeling obligated to be secure. Vulnerabilities cleanse and ease fear all while giving strength to your self acceptance. Save yourself before you attempt to save others. Being alone, and finding out what makes you happy, sad, confused, etc., will help you transition into partnership smoother.

The basics; feeling good in your natural hair, going out without makeup, wearing non revealing clothing are all roads to be conquered before self acceptance can begin.

Encourage others to do the work. The flaws you carry are the same beautiful characteristics that define you and make you so unique. They should be considered God's handprints. Pay attention to yourself, not just physically, but emotionally.

Remember confidence can only be worn on authentic skin. It's ok to grow in acceptance, especially of self.


Be Love,


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