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Meditation: Take a Break from Adulthood & Reconnect with Childhood!

Meditation: Take a Break from Adulthood & Reconnect with Childhood!

Meditation Monday: Creativity- kree-ey-tiv-i-tee

The ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination.

Happy Monday!

Have you gotten so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and looked up and realized you have lost touch with your true, inner yourself? Do you find yourself always reminiscing about ‘when you were a kid’ and the ‘good old days’ as you are reminded daily about how much being an adult isn’t all that you thought it would be?

Let me ask you something….

Have you ever wondered what it means to be an adult? Is there a certain age or pivotal point in life that determines you are now a grown up? Does being an adult mean that we have to give up the things we once loved in our younger years?


Your Holistic Yogi is here to support you and to encourage you to stay connected to your inner child! Why? Your inner child is the source of your deepest, purest and most creative talents. Think about it: Just sit back and observe your own child, niece, nephew or any other young, free spririted being.

They take the smallest things and turn them into unlimited potential with the use of their imaginations. They seem to be immune to fear and are always getting into things, without thinking about the consequences (until we scare them with what could’ve happened). Funny. Then they grow up and become just like us. Here you are today.

But there’s good news!

Your inner child never ceases to exist. You have only lost touch with him or her.

Sometimes when we are so focused on accomplishing our goals, getting our degrees, being the best we can be, while managing our daily priorities that we end up feeling unhappy, and even unfulfilled.

So today I invite you to pick 1-3 things you loved doing as a kid and do them again today and watch how your creativity starts to flow! You will notice you think more abstractly, and barriers and boxes will no longer keep you limited. You will feel more optimistic and adventurous. Even in your personal and professional life, you will begin to notice a positive change. You will feel better in many aspects of your life. It feels really good.

I’m sure y’all are curious to know what some of my favorite things were.

1.       Hulu hooping

2.      Bike Riding

3.       Just playing in general lol

4.       Writing (This allowed me to bring this article to you all today)

Being able to ignite your creative flame is so liberating and it makes your life come alive. It’s like a break from the real world. Who wouldn’t mind indulging more into their creative side? Satisfy your inner child and your curiosity! You owe it to yourself. Yes, it’s okay to be a big kid. It’s better than being a grown up.

Ways to spark your inner creative fire:

1.       Paint/Draw/Color

2.       Dance

3.       Write

4.       Jump rope

5.       Read

6.       Hulu hoop (great workout)

7.       Jump Rope

8.       Riding bikes


Meditation Mantra:

I am an adult and I have immense responsibilities to myself as well as others. But I cannot be in service to others, if I don't first service myself. I must nurture my creative side, and tap into activities and passions that stir my soul, so that I may nourish and pour into others. Adulthood is what I make it. It can be humdrum and mundane, or it can be passionate and vibrant. I will strive each day to live in a spirit of freedom, creativity, and positive vibrations. I will bend the universe to impart greatness on my path this week. This week will be better than the last, and I will be prosperous in all that I endeavor to accomplish this week. With my inner child free to indulge in the beauty of life, I will explore, and probe life and all the adventure it has to offer. This week will be great. This week, I will progress. This week will bare fruit. This week will be everything I command it to be!

Did this weeks' #MeditationMonday resonate with you? Are you willing to release the pressures of adulthood, and indulge in your inner childhood freedom? Are you ready to unlock your creativity by spending a little time in nature this week? Did you like #JalisaTheHolisticYogi introductory post? Are you looking forward to learning more from her? Sound  off in the comments!








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