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Meditation: Creating A Mentality of Greatness!

Meditation: Creating A Mentality of Greatness!


In this life we are all commissioned to walk certain pathways. Some of us may be on similar paths that intersect in other galaxies, while others of us are on journeys that couldn't be any further apart. Guess what? That's okay! Our destinys' are supposed to lead to different places, so that we can fulfill different purposes. 

But no matter who you are: the stay at home mom who focuses on running her family, to the corporate CEO, to the blue collar city woker and all the entrepreneurial occupations in between; we all want to do it the same way- GREAT!



GREATNESS: A joint effort made by a persons' mind, body, and soul to walk in a spirit of excellence, in all that they do. 

Greatness is a noun, and nouns are used to identify people, places, or things. How do you identify your mentality? Is it one of greatness or lethargy? 

LETHARGY: The quality or state of being drowsy or dull, listless and unenergetic, or indifferent and lazy; apathetic or sluggish inactivity.  


How does the dawn of a new day resonate with your soul?

photo cred: Aaron ace boogie Smith

photo cred: Aaron ace boogie Smith

When you open your eyes for the first time in the morning, what types of fleeting thoughts do you have? Are you excited about another opportunity to walk in the journey to your destiny, or are you unmoved and unmotivated by the absence of personal journey? Are you able to identify the calling on your life? Have you started actively persuing your dreams, or do you go through the daily transitions of life on auto pilot?

When a person lacks direction in life and has no connection to their greater purpose, they live in a fog of apathy. Especially us African people, living in America. Unfortunately, many of us are born into poverty conditions and working-class homes, and a common mentality of the black person who's "just tryna make it", is just that. We wake up everyday "just tryna make it", with no true ambitions burning holes in our souls, no dreams swirling in our hearts, and the weight of bills and hungry bellies to fill swarm our thoughts. 

What type of way is that to live? THIS HAS TO CHANGE and it starts with a change of mentality! 



MENTALITY: Purposeful intentions on one's own personal perception of life and way of thinking.

As you can see, a persons' mentality is a very powerful life tool that can either empower you, or destroy you. If you abuse your mindset and infuse it with negativity, it'll have a harmful affect your confidence and consciousness. But if you nurture your mentality and permeate a positive, proactive environment for your mindset to dwell, you will live life more abundantly. #LifeTheLCPWay 

Whether you're sharpening your spirits' purposeful intention to live within a mentality of greatness, or you want to create a mentality of greatness; AFFIRM, then REAFIRM this decree. 


1. Get to a peaceful environment, put your phone on airplane mode, and get in a comfortable sitting position. 

2. Take a series of slow, deep breaths until your heart rate and thoughys have slowed. 

3. Give thanks! A spirit of gratitude opens the soul to nourishment.

4. Envision your dreams, goals and aspirations, and CLAIM THEM! Ex: I will grow my business. I am capable of succeeding at my endeavors. This sort of mental positive reinforcement fuels your drive!  

Now for the decree... 

I am a product of The Creator's marvelous, excellence, and I am great by design. I will walk in a spirit of greatness, and my actions and reactions will be a product of sound mind. I will use my tongue to produce fruis of greatness, and my thoughts and ideas will be worth more than gold. Emeralds and diamonds, I will work, I will earn, I will buff and shine my gems to life . Obstacles will come and go, trials will try me, define me, anew. A fresh perspective, new strategy, or tactic, I'll deploy. I am clothed in spiritual armor, I am ready for war.

Be great LCP! 

Love. Live. Life! 




#LiveTheCreed #BreedTheCreed







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