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LIfe: Old School Love vs New Millennial Love

LIfe: Old School Love vs New Millennial Love

Lately I've found myself saying-  

"There's no future with my generation when it comes to love."

When it comes to how we love each other current day, things are polar opposites from what I saw growing up. Now don't get me wrong, things weren't always "Peaches and Cream" but there was always a clear definition and understanding of LOVE.

I'd like to explore what once was such a powerful thing. I guess we can say Love in the "Old School Days" was more than special, it was an elite invitation. An invitation that was held at such a prestige degree. Men loved to "Court" and have a suitable woman to impress, engage, entertain, explore, and pridefully show off. Women were selective, submissive, and displayed a "Silent Sexy". What happen to this element of relationship building? When did these traits become non existent?

Somehow we've lost our way. It's up to this generation, "The Millennials" to revive such a sacred standard.

Which was sweeter? Which was more appealing?

We obviously see so much destruction and less value in our generation of love; we opt out of doing it correctly. Who wants pain anyway, right? Everything seems so temporary. This is where the change needs to happen. We need to have a responsible and more permanent outlook on love.

Not here by day, gone by night engagements. I'm not casting judgement, but these decisions should be taken more seriously, and held at a higher regard. What happened to that Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee kind of love? Sometimes Hollywood love can last. Take Tisha Campbell and Dwayne Martin, or Nicole Ari Parker and Boris Kodjoe, for example. They didn't let this crazy world, or the "new norm" confuse their morals in their marriages. #StillStanding


Nowadays, roles seem to have been switched and some women have become "Overly Independent", causing a depreciation of the man. Not only does this become detrimental to the future of the relationship, but it stunts growth of the man.

The responsibility to bring back true courtship is on both parties involved. Even in alternative lifestyles and love.

Help bring "Old School" love back!  

Women, I encourage you all to fight to be desired. Set plateaus and invest in yourself. Become mysterious and " Secretly Sexy" again.

Men, I dare you to find chivalry and make it stronger than ever before! Hunt for the passion and longevity opposed to instant gratification.

There's is a certain level of respect that has gone missing in modern day love. We must find the appreciation and maintain that respect that's required. This journey has been so inspiring and moving. We can get to a healthy place with work. Let's work at Love being a divine partnership again.

Be Love,


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