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Meditation Monday: New Millennial Kings'- Mental Preparation!

Good Day New Millennial Kings,


This edition of #MeditationMonday is written with love, and tailored special to the cut of the African man. Along with the broad shoulders, and sexy masculinity, a Black mans' mental health needs the same stimuli and attention to detail. For the most part, the African American population is already incorrectly programmed, due to the corruption and dehumanization tactics of slavery and post slavery. The world was taught long ago how to perceive the life of a black man through the media, and this has inadvertently mis-instructed us on what to think of ourselves. The messaging in our music and black TV programming has truly done a number on us. The lifestyles we regard as "winning" are usually painfully dysfunctional, and the types of realities we aspire to are tremendously filtered, and our perception is tainted. This is why I am here to do away with those rose colored lenses! 

Below, I will outline the key thoughts and actions to take in your day, to mentally prepare yourself for your daily walk as a- NEW MILLENNIAL KING!

Mental Preparation

1. EVERYONE NEEDS SPIRITUAL ARMOR AND PROTECTION: Especially Black men. New Millennial Kings- DO NOT walk out of the house without first requesting spiritual and physical protection for you and your family, from The Most High God! There is so much evil lurking in the world, and no one is above it, without the shield of The Creators' covet 

2. TAKE INTO ACCOUNT ALL THAT AWAITS YOU IN YOUR DAY: The new opportunities or leads you're  going after for your side business, to the grind before your personal grind. Are you a husband and father? Do you have responsibilities to your mother or other extended family members? What responsibilities await you at work? MEN are supposed to have great responsibility in life. It's just how The Most High designed things, and unfortunately, because a vast majority of our men grow up without a proper male representations in the home, they shudder at the thought of these responsibilities, the task seems to great. But it is not, and many of our men are soaring in that element! Life is supposed to be pleasurable, we should enjoy it and the fruits of our labor, but NOT before business is handled, and not at the expense of your integrity or responsibilities. OWN this role, and feel empowered by it! God entrusted you with the well-being and protection of our Queens, and seeds, LOVE that duty. Embrace it, and be the best at it. There's nothing like mental preparedness, and it will surely help you crush your day!  

3. UNDERSTAND WHO YOU ARE: You are Royal by design. The Creator made you beautiful, masculine, intelligent, capable, and able to succeed at life. The vision you have for you and your family is feasible. You can achieve nirvana in your home, mind, and life. We all deserve a slice of heaven on earth, and you are in control of achieving that. You can do ABSOLUTELY anything you put your mind to, Dearest, Black man. Declare this, receive this, and decree this power over the course of your life!

4. READ A BOOK: We all know that for centuries we were forbidden to read. And we all know the ugly aftermath it caused, and who it affected the most- BLACK MEN! The saying is, if you wanna hide something from a black man, put it in a book. I said that to say, although we have come a long way from illiteracy, a lot of our people do not read for leisure, nor do they genuinely enjoy it. So, do yourself a couple good deeds, and when you are done empowering yourself through decreeing your divine greatness aloud, take a moment to add to your mental environment with a good book. For some it may be the bible our spiritual books, for others it's a memoire or biography on one of our Black leaders. Some like to indulge in self improvement books, while others may like leisure readings on their craft. Whatever you prefer, just make sure it's inspirational. Nothing sets the stride of your day better than a good motivational read!


So New Millennial Kings, what did you think of this weeks' #MeditationMonday? Did it fit the mold of man to you? Did you enjoy this post being tailored to you? Did you find this post enlightening? Would you like more posts like this? #LetMeKnow #SoundOffLCP

Oh yeah, don't forget to drop us that email and #GetNotified of all our future posts! Oh and hit those social media links on your way out! #Peace!







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