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MEDITATION: Stress Relief Through Meditative Yoga

Sometimes life gets a little messy. And with the mess of life’s responsibilities we often become heavy laden with financial burden, overwhelming familial duties and paralyzing fears and anxieties; trust me, I’ve been there!

In fact, I was in this exact same space recently. I was completely overpowered by the plaguing feeling of inadequacy. Inadequate funds, means, etc, and in life we all have our moments in time where we’ve seemed to have hit the proverbial “wall”. We’ve had it with the “same- ol” situation(s) that we feel have been irrationally, and unfairly proportioned to us, and we’re ready for more or ready to call it quits.

Sound Familiar?



When I tell you that I felt so much better and so renewed after getting the energy flowing in my body, stretching out and releasing built up tension and welcoming in new, positive energy is essential to feeling your best!

THE YOGA PART: The yogic practice of breathing-stretching combinations helps move prana (energy) in our bodies and chakras.

EXCERPT: A chakra or a wheel is a point of prana (energy) in our subtle body, located in the physical counterparts of our body like the veins, arteries and nerves. Yoga is an extremely beneficial way to release the prana or life force whenever it is stuck. Yoga releases the musty energy and invites fresh energy in our system through the poses and breathing. Each of the seven chakras has its own vitality and is related to our emotional well-being.


What I’m beginning to learn as I journey into a lifestyle of yoga practice is that it is a very personal and intuitive practice. Yoga allows your body to really become thankful for the use and activity of your limbs. These slow, deliberate motions exercise patience as you breathe into the different postures and poses and the beauty of human anatomy unveils itself to you.  The breathing repetitions allow you to become one with the moment and appreciative of the then and now. All your other worries float away, and you become thankful for a moment of self-care.  As you charge up the stagnant prana in your body and get the blood circulating in all your muscles, you’ll begin to relax and feel reenergized. You’ll feel like electricity is coursing through your veins as the endorphins release pleasurable, calming chemicals into your brain.

THE MEDITATIVE PART: The meditative practice of stillness and focus allows us to look at our problems more objectively. Our emotions and the “ME center” in our brains are turned off (or increasingly inactive) while meditating so we are able to see ourselves and current situations objectively.

THE AFFIRMING PART: I love positive affirmations in meditation. Speaking these optimistic, confident, and encouraging words into yourself and the universe invigorates the consciousness.  It’s all part of setting new vibrations in motion. If you can allow yourself to become charged and renewed by the words you speak then a whole new wave of energy can go forth on your behalf. There is power in the tongue and we can either speak life into ourselves or invite death and destruction; you choose.

MEDITATIVE YOGA TIPS: You’ll need two electronic devices- one to pull up a meditation music track, and another to pull up an beginners yoga stretching video.

*NOTE- Select an easy beginner’s yoga video that you can loosely follow along with. The point of this exercise is not an aerobic workout, or a yoga training module. It is simply there to provide a visual to guide you through some stretches. The object of this meditative-yoga session is to relax you into calm state, rid your body of stagnant energy, and get new, positive prana flowing through your body.  

Here's one of my favorite meditation tracks. the visuals are a great for focus during meditation!

SET THE MOOD: Yoga and meditation is so much more pleasurable when you set your senses up right!


SETTING: If it’s morning meditation, get near a good window and allow nature to take you away. It is fall now, so letting in the breeze, hearing the birds chirp and the leaves rustling can be very soothing.

MUSIC: Grab your phone and get on youtube and pull up a meditative music track. Choose a track that resonates with your spirit and let it ride.

AROMA THERAPY: If you are a white-stick sage burner, burn your sage during this session, it will only help the idea of clean, positive energy resonate deeper. Or, Burn an incense. Burning incense is a wonderful treat for your senses.

CANDLES: I love to light a two-wick candle before meditating. I come in and out of closed eyed meditation, and at several points I take a moment to appreciate the fire element. Watching the flicker of a flame has its own calming effect.

AFFIRMATION: This is personal to you. Whatever you are going through, whatever you need need to send positive energy towards, whatever you need the Creator to make room for, WHATEVER IT IS YOU NEED, COMMAND IT! Command it. Declare it. Affirm it.


I am a creative and powerful being. I was created on purpose, with purpose, and I have an intricate connection to the Universe. Therefore, the Universe can hear me, work for me, and present the provision of all my needs. The Most High God created me with the essential abilities I need to live a purposeful, successful life. Every hardship and setback I encounter is intricate to my journey. There is a blessing and lesson in all things, and I will live a life that looks for proper perspective in all that I encounter and endure. I am powerful, I am capable, I am able. Today I command the universe to transition me into a new season. I will begin to reap all that I have sown and the answers to the riddles in my life will make themselves apparent to me. I am open to change, I am open to reap my harvest, and I will walk in expectancy.

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