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Vibrations & Meditation: How to Physically Manifest your Day Dreams

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TRUE STORY: So lately I’ve been exercising action plans for the future while in meditation and day dreaming. From seeing myself go through mock interviews as the interviewer and the interviewee, to visualizing achievements, and creating vibrational thought patterns that will attract people and resources to help further my dreams; I have been in heavy contemplation of success and advancement. So much so, that lately my thoughts and day dreams have been manifesting in my waking life.

DAY DREAMS: My day dreams have become more detailed for the future. I am actually now seeing future home décor ideals, vacation destinations, bylines in magazines, I can see and hear myself in interviews exploring the evolution of my future success. I am also envisioning projects unfold and come into fruition, and the more I spend time in these thoughts, the more the pathways become clear.

PREMONITION: As crazy as it sounds, day dreams are often premonitions of what’s to come. When your mind drifts off to lala land and starts dancing with desires and aspirations, take note of them. Dwell there and become one with that moment of success and what it feels to achieve that goal. This reenergizes your creativity and drive. By living out success fantasies in the mind, the things you aspire to become more tangible and attainable.

THOUGHTS & VIBRATIONS: It’s important to operate in your purpose so that your vibrations can create magnetic energy that attract people and resources to your calling. Vibrations lead your intuition and determine your wavelengths. Wavelengths are energy fields, and two people with similar interests vibrate on the same energy plane, and when partnered with someone who has walks in purpose, they create amazing work together.

BE PRO ACTIVE: You can’t be successful and idle at the same time; you have to be proactive! If you have no works of your craft in the world, how will you attract interest toward your passion? If you are not networking, how are you going to get on the same wavelengths of the people you’re wanting to get close to? How will your name or company come to mind for opportunities if there is not enough brand identity present in the world? Two words: GET ACTIVE.

MEDITATE ON THIS: What do you want for yourself? How do you see the evolution of your career? What does the picture of success look like for you? What are some long and short term goals that you can meditate on?

Today’s meditation is fun! All I want you all to do today is bask in the ambience of your future success. Visualize the physical manifestation of all your dreams come true and let yourself see what you look like in that light. This will re-spark the energy and effort you put into your dreams and you will be more determined to make your dreams a reality. Also, reflect on all that you have done, and how far you’ve come. This makes you respect the process and the fruit of you labor more.






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