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Social Infusion: Back on The Market!

Hey Fellow Grinders!

Embarking on #theyearofthegrind has got me extremely excited! There are so many layers to dreaming and goal digging, but it's my time, your time, our time, and we must continue to grind. Obviously my grind is different than yours, but let's hustle together.

As I continue my quest of healing, I realized how much love and what it can conquer mean to me. It's such a powerful thing! We joke about it, but when you are the hopeless romantic like myself, you never let it lose its meaning.

The other day, I reflected on how much I've changed socially. I'm definitely your hardcore introvert, but that's changing, slowly but surely (LOL). As a single woman, with a heart so full of love and still so willing to share, I asked myself the following:

1. Are you 'Socially Infused'?
2. Are you prepared for new love?
3. Are you happy with this new normal?
4. Are you healed?

The answer to all of these were no, LOL! I questioned my timing and yearning to date. I'm sure many can relate. When is the right time? When do you try again? Truth is, there is never a good time to be in love. Much like having a child, you can never be prepared. My goal is to do as much work possible in preparation for my new blessing. In the beginning I decided to put myself out there and see what I was able to attract. Dating sites, friend suggestions, random Barnes & Noble visits (Don't sleep, a book store is the perfect place to meet a soulmate; well if you are nerdy like me it is LOL). Truthfully, I've found no fulfillment in them. Don't get me wrong, I've met some really nice guys, with different perspectives that intrigued me ; however the comfort that I need to move forward just wasn't there. Of course that makes you think, "Are my standards too high?"  "Am I being too harsh, or unrealistic?" Possibly, lol, but don't be ashamed of that. Stand in your truth. There are some things that are worth adjusting to, however, in 2016, your tolerance for the chaos and games need to be minimal.

Become socially conscious of your surroundings and circle, see what atmosphere you are in and identify how to infuse yourself or remove yourself. Dating in 2016 is going to be very challenging for me I'm sure. I feel so blessed and excited to share all the juicy details with you all!

Next week, I'll reveal some things I've experienced with dating rearing 2015 and share some tips to maintaining your peace as a newly single or divorced person in 2016.

Manifest what you believe by infusing your heart and soul with it.

Try to keep up with this Genuine Gemini! Will new boo be captured this year? Stick around to see!


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Be Love,





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