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Meditation Monday: 3 Easy Tips to Build Self- Confidence Through Meditation

Meditation Monday: 3 Easy Tips to Build Self- Confidence Through Meditation

What is up LCP!

I'm up and ready to kick ass this week! How about you?! This is the last Monday in January, let's make it an excellent one!!!! My hope for you this week is to go into your week with more confidence. Check out my post and go forth more confident!

For most people, meditation is an uncomplicated way to connect with their spiritual selves, manage stress and create a more balanced and peaceful way of living. Having practiced meditation for many years myself, I have noticed many other tangible benefits that come along with my daily meditation practice; including feeling emotionally stronger and more self-confident.

If you are looking for ways to strengthen your confidence or improve your productivity there are many ways that meditation can help. On a fundamental level, meditation helps you develop a deeper connection with your core. #ReadOn! 


What is it about going deeper that makes the difference?

I’m sure you would agree that most of us are used to listening to and connecting with our thoughts more than any other part of ourselves. So much in fact, that we easily forget that there is more to us than our wondering, chattering, minds.

Regular meditation helps you transcend that chatter and creates a bridge between your thinking mind and "higher silence" that connects to your true inner essence. Whether you want to call it your spirit, your soul, your higher self, or even divinity, the more you connect with this inner core, the more you tend to live your life from a deeper, calmer perspective.

As a result, you naturally become less engaged with those inner voices that generally spout inane drivel or negative self-talk; and gradually you begin to notice that your inner critic settles down and becomes silenced too.

In the freedom of that silence you get to live each moment with a greater awareness of your true spirit, and in that space, like a rose bud opening, you get to realize that you are valuable simply as you are- not because of anything you do!

Before you know it, your confidence will gently reveals itself to you and you'll find yourself feeling more open and courageous, willing to take bigger steps, and the occasional risk. 

Through meditation, the very sense of your true essence will become untangled from the failure programming and false perceptions of inadequacy, that your former mentality will have accustomed you to. But like the weather changes, so can you. And like the leaves do in the autumn season, negativity begin to fall away.

Though much of this process happens automatically through regular meditation practices, there are also a number of things you can do to help this process move along:

1. Build yourself up with positive self-talk.


Before, or after your meditation sessions, spend a few minutes speaking positively and kindly to and about you. For this exercise I like to think that I’m sitting with the 6 year old me and giving her gentle, caring words of encouragement.

It’s always best to keep your statements short, and in simple language. Say things that you can effortlessly agree with so that your subconscious mind will be more likely to accept your words without protest.

Try statements like these:

“I am proud of myself. I feel clever and smart today”. “I can do whatever I focus my mind on”. “I believe in myself and my abilities”. It’s fun to be me” “I feel confident and popular”. “I have many gifts and talents”. “I thrive on challenges”. “I accept myself even though I sometimes make mistakes.” “I do my best.“ “I believe in my dreams.”

2.Envision empowerment.

Visualization is a perfect complement to meditation and can dramatically improve your results. Here is how to get the best out of it:

Spend a few minutes each day seeing yourself as completely strong and confident in whatever you do.

  1. Next, ask yourself what would it feel like to be super strong and purposeful every day?
  2. Generate the confident feeling by remembering a time when you felt that way.
  3. If you cant remember feeling confident to that degree then think of a character in a book or the movies that embodies that quality. Then imagine yourself playing that role, feeling how confidence feels at the same time.

This is powerful because your mind really does not know the difference between tangible reality and your imagined reality. It loves to practice for success, so the more often you imagine yourself feeling and acting confidently, the easier you’ll find it to be confident in your day to day experiences.

3.Redefine failure.

One common cause of low self-confidence is pervasive memories of past failures. However, the problem lies not in the failed attempts themselves, but how you feel about them. More often than not, it is self-criticism that undermines your confidence and scupper your efforts.  

You see, once you have convinced yourself that trying new things ends in embarrassing or painful failure, every new attempt at success becomes tainted with discomfort and that glaring memory blinking at you in your rear view mirror.

You can’t move forwards looking back

How can you expect to create a new outcome by playing out the old one over and over again? It just doesn’t make sense does it? So, perhaps it’s time to re-engage your imagination and play out a better scenario using the “what if” principal.

The “what if” principal allows you to see “failure” as an experiment and opportunity to try again?

Think of it like this:

What if you were to use your pre-meditation time to play out different possibilities and outcomes that end in you feeling successful and confident?

What if you already have all you need right there inside you waiting for permission to come out?

What if you followed this advice and had a more powerful meditation sessions?

What if once you affirm and confirm, in the ways described above, that you are courageous and confident – and discovered that you really are?

I  would say that without a doubt that as soon as you begin, you will begin to see, feel and reap the benefits of your own inner success whether you know it yet or not.

Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit
-E.E Cummings

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                   Many Blessings,


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