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Mantra My Mess Away: Breaking Chains- Prt 3


 By Alex TheHolisticPractitioner


What's Up LCP,

Are we living at warped speed or what??? Lol. Seriously the week flew by and now we are at the beginning of another one. This is the final installment of the #MantaMyMessAway series but this one is probably is the single most important meditation mantra tip that I will share with you.

Have you ever lied?? Have you kept a secret?? Treated someone poorly, or spoke hateful words??? You know that thing that you keep repeating it in your deepest thoughts???? That thing that haunts your present and mocks your toxic. Well I have at some point in my life done all the above and then some!!! I carried my bag of guilt and no matter who forgave me or how many times I asked God all Mighty to forgive me, it still wasn't enough. Until I made the choice to forgive myself I was in bondage. Wait.. I can't be the only one... You do feel me right??

 Did you know that holding on to all those negative emotions and thoughts can create disease in your body?? Spiritual disconnection and mental instability, too?? It is harmful and serves you no purpose!!!! Being free, letting go of baggage, guilt, hurt or shame is a process but with mediation it eases the transition.

Every time you are in the practice of mediation and you set your intent, it chips away at those negative thoughts and emotions. You will begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel...forgiveness! Forgiveness...such a touchy word, and so hard for many to do!!!



Forgiveness through mantra meditation can help bring healing and peace. Do you need healing and peace in your life?? Are you ready to let go?? If you are, pat yourself on the back and take heed to this tip.

Meditation Mantra TIp #5

This tip would be used in conjunction with the tips giving in part 1 &2 of the series..

Picture the negative choice, situation, or scenario that you just can't shake from your mind... Now complete the steps below, and you'll be on your way to forgiveness!  

 Ask yourself what would I do now? How would I respond?? What would I say??

 Once you have established those answers, you are able to consciously play out the outcome with a positive response. Ultimately you can free yourself of the negative emotions and begin to move forward. 


The Mediation mantra that is so befitting for this post is "I love you...I'm sorry...Please forgive me...Thank you". You must tell yourself this and continue forward on your journey. You can do it!!! I'm routing for you!!!! Be blessed my darlings.

"When you release the wrongdoer from the wrong, you cut a malignant tumor out of your inner life. You set a prisoner free, but you discover that the real prisoner was yourself." 

-Lewis B. Smedes


Many Blessings,                               


Was the last installment of #MantraMyMessAway helpful to you? Does this series give you the  tools you need to accept that you deserve forgiveness? Do you identify with some of the battles #AlexTheHolisticPractitioner mentions? Do past decisions taunt you? Now you have proof that you can set yourself free of that bondage! Share your stories with us. Let us know about the progression you've made in your mental health, due to the teachings of this series. Sound off in the comments, and/or email us at










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