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Meditation Monday: The Female "30 Something's" Mediation Guide to Dating!

Meditation Monday: The Female "30 Something's" Mediation Guide to Dating!

By Alex TheHolisticPractotioner 


What's up LCP! 

So, we are at the beginning of another work week, and this time after a holiday weekend, so we gotta get back in the swing of things! The holiday break was wonderful for me, spent some much needed time with my family. I hope you all enjoyed your family & friends as well, and maybe even had a  date or two! :)


Two dates, in one week, in your 30's...? Wishful thinking! Lol Us "30 Something's" are not the spring chickens anymore, but we we're not the cougars yet, either.. Lol It's like we are almost the forgotten group of women or something, why is that? And what can we do to make our dating lives/relationships stronger??!

I've figured it out... We are the forgotten gems in dating /relationships because we don't travel in the same party circles anymore, we're no longer having semi casual sex, we are getting into our careers, and unlike our "20 something" counterparts; we are confident of our lifes' paths and comfortable with our standards. Right now in pop culture, "the cougar" is a popular phrase used for our 40 + sisters, and it seems every ex titty baby boy is chasing after a MILF lol, It's the new "it" thing!

Ladies, what I'm saying is, I can relate to you and would like to talk real with you for a moment. This day in age, being a renaissance woman usually means that you wear a lot of hats. Boss, entrepreneur, mom, friend. You're poised, ambitious, sexually confident, and by this time, we have ourselves figured out. But if we're still single or newly single at this point in our lives, we probably haven't really figured out what type of relationships we want and deserve???

The best way to attract a healthy relationship is to be in a healthy space of your own. It is very
cliche’ but true… You must love you!! Here is a meditation mantra to get the ball rolling in this department.

    ”I love myself”-Kendrick Lamer"

This quote is a game changer… Repeat… Repeat.. Repeat… Lol!! Now back to business!!

Being a life coach I have many clients that come to me to gain clarity on relationships that are from the past, present or even those for their futures. The majority of my clients come giving me their long lists of what they want and require from a man/partner. I'm always amazed when the women don't even meet their own requirements but expect a potential suitor to have them all!!! What's up with that ladies?? LOL The other thing I noticed from client sessions is the influence that pop culture creates...fairy tales….

Yes I did say fairy tales. lol We watch all these reality tv shows and movies wanting the luxury and the drama... We desire the attention but not the work that has to be put into it. We hang around "Negative Nancy's" and complain that there aren't any good men/partners in suster circles.

Now after a few coaching sessions, my clients usually gain clarity on what they authentically want in a relationship or from dating, and they become more confident and ready to jump back into the dating pool.


Thru my practice of life coaching, I have been able to create a list of general attributes or qualities that most "30 Something's" women typically desire from relationships /dating.

The  Female "30 Something's" Quality's List

* Mutual Honesty
* To feel safe
* To feel loved
* To be appreciated
* Financial security
* To be desired
* Dependable
* Emotionally available
* Spiritually grounded
* Ambitious

Meditate on these 3 tips to help you find a King and not a peasant!

1. Know what you want!!
Create a  personal realistic list of attributes to consider when in a relationship or dating.

2. Who are you listening to???
Stop listening to people who have little to no experience in successful relationships or on the dating scene. Friends and family are included in this. (Sorry not sorry Lol) ask questions.. Are they happy? Do they communicate well? Are they connected spiritually???

3. Think outside the box
Don't let the one way you have been taught, raised or created  in your mind a relationship or dating to be, stop you from potentially meeting an awesome man/ partner. Online dating, blind dates, speed dating, meeting at church or events etc....(of course be smart when meeting strangers:)

My "30 Something's" goddesses, you are so amazing, and you deserve happiness and true love! 💕

Let me know what you we want fairy tales?? Are we to picky?? Do we require to much?? Was the "30 Something's" authentic list of qualities a good start on clarity? Like, Comment  and Share.. I would love to hear from you!!!

"We accept the love that we think we deserve" -Stephen Chbosky

                      Many Blessings,

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