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Life: How to Have Better Success in Relationships thru Transparency

Life: How to Have Better Success in Relationships thru Transparency

By Brittney Baker 

Photo cred- Characature,  Model Mr. Laterrius & Jennell Steele

Photo cred- Characature, Model Mr. Laterrius & Jennell Steele

Hey LCP, 

Evolution and understanding the art of love comes by experience, and although sometimes painful, it can be a beautiful work of art. Art...? How can something as painful as heartbreak be art, you ask? I'll explain!

Love has been a wonderful gift to me. We all love love for what it represents; romance, passion, chemistry, etc, but can we grow an appreciation for the strength it builds? When was the last time you LOOKED at love as a PRIVILEGE, and not a chore? It starts with our own TRANSPARENCY.


So many people are scared to be vulnerable and transparent to each other, and there's a huge competition to protect our heart. Love requires so much. We all intend to do it right, but we continue to block those personalized characteristics that can make it so special. LOVE IS definitely something we should feel PRIVILEGED to be apart of.


Imagine life without love. No joint admiration or appreciation, physical attraction or mental stimulation. Imagine yearning for a spiritual connection day in and day out, that family or friends fail to fill. Horrible right? Now, I don't want to take you all to Church, but the foundation begins with the Lord.

The beautiful souls and wonderful experiences that we encounter in love and relationships are all direct results of the Lord's grace and mercy. When you combine that unwavering power, with the ability to be TRANSPARENT in your INTENTIONS, love will surely be a home run! That statement sounds very contradictory coming from me, especially with all I've endured in love. (check out my divorce chronicles #DeactivatingEskridge) But transparency changed all that for me.

My new understanding of how relationships really work has given me the ability to be clear, and focused on combining two kindred spirits with a similar goal has opened endless possibilities. Easier said than done, trust me. We get embarrassed by downfalls and will always dislike exposure. Freeing your heart and inhibitions can set such an amazing stage for God to create beautiful masterpieces. I have a quote I will share that is dear to my heart. Since I've embarked on this journey it's been a daily affirmation. Before I share, I just want to encourage anyone who's nervous of vulnerability, fearful of exposure, and petrified of heartbreak; get in front of it, be so transparent that it makes the opposition unsure if they can break such astounding clarity.

"Be as open as air. Unrestricted and clear of insecurities. Transparency wins the heart, always."


Be Love,


Was this post insightful to you? Can you now see how beautiful/beneficial transparency in our relationships can be? Sound off in the comments, and tune in next week as Brittney continues to #DeactivateEskridge. Thanks for the support! 









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