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MEDITATION MONDAY: Meditation Mantra's!

MEDITATION MONDAY: Meditation Mantra's!


Hello LCP, and Happy Monday!

Can I be candid with the ladies of the LCP community, for a moment??? When I first discovered holistic health I was soooo green to what it was about and where I fit in, not only as a newbie but also as a young, black woman. I wasn't seeing a lot of women like myself practicing meditation, yoga or celebrating their spiritual journeys transparently or with authentic joy! I perceived holistic health as something white women did, who didn't shave, ate Granola & drank Kale all day, while holding hands and singing Kumbaya over a bonfire! LMAO! Now in some cases there are women in the holistic community that fit in that category (which there is nothing wrong with:) I was just anxious to see other women like myself.


The process made me me wonder- Do Sista’s not want to empower themselves, and gain back their health, confidence and joy? Had Sista’s become an afterthought in the health craze? Well, that made me start questioning the women nearest and dearest to me (my mother and sister) and the feedback I received was great! I discovered they did want to try new methods to empower their mind, body and spirit, but lacked understanding and know how.

Not many black women are displayed or on the forefront of these different practices. This detoured them from branching out, and trying something new, because they thought it wasn’t for us. In that moment I DECIDED that I WOULD be the guinea pig and try things that would encourage the women in my life to do the same!

SO…..ANY TAKERS????? LCP, you have to want to  experience something FRESH and NEW in order to increase positivity and confidence in all facets of your life! Don't be afraid to seek new things and create new experiences for yourselves, you deserve it!! I encourage you to start with meditation mantras.

A meditation mantras is when a single word or a group of words are selected and repeated in the form of a mantra. You will be affirming it to yourself and allowing the meaning to penetrate deep into your subconscious, helping to shift negative thoughts and habits into positive ones. Using mantras for meditation is more than just sounding like a broken record. Generally they are to help change your minds’ thought process. When going into any mediation, breathing plays a huge role in the effectiveness of the mediation session. Doing mantra mediation as a beginner is great because that words or phrases you choose will keep leading your wandering mind back to the center.


Mediation is a practice that transcends all religions. Many cultures and nationalities/races practice mediation. Here are a few examples of the meditation mantras I have used. You can always try these mantras or create your own!


  1. “I am, that I am.” –God Exodus 3:14  

  2. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”- -Bible Philippians 4:13  

  3. “Thoughts become things. “-Napoleon Hill

  4. “Everyday in every way I'm getting better and better.” –Laura Silva

  5. “Only good lies before me. “-Louise Hays


When you begin your meditation mantras, first find a quiet place, then begin to inhale deep breaths through your nose and release them through your mouth. You are calming your body and mind so that your spirit can be open to release and receive information.

There are some great benefits to Meditation Mantras.

  1. It reduces anxiety and depression

  2. Boost Immunity

  3. Opens intuition

  4. It opens up peace within the body

  5. It's free

  6. It's Easy

  7. It's empowering

Some time has gone by since I first started on this path, and since then, more Sista’s are coming to the forefront, sharing their knowledge. Getting you pumped to join the holistic health movement and TAKE BACK your health, through the power of the trinity!

LCP ladies you can do it! Reading this post is already a step into new, fun and exciting practices that will positively impact your trinity (mind, body and soul) .

“I define joy as a sustained sense of well-being and internal peace – a connection to what matters.” – Oprah Winfrey

                                                                 Many Blessings,




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Are you going to join the movement? Do you have holistic or meditation questions? COMMENT below, and I'll engage! Let's make this an interactive journey!!


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