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Hump-Day Romance

Hump-Day Romance



  ♡♡♡Hump-Day Romance♡♡♡


So it's Wednesday.... Nationally recognized as "Hump day". Last weekend is now a memory, and you're daydreaming up plans for the coming weekend. Wednesday's usually do 1 of a few different things for people.. Either Hump day pumps you up and gives you that second wind you need to finish off your week strong. Or, Hump day is just as mundane to you as Tuesday, because your week is still not over. Or... Hump day doesn't really mean anything to you at all, because you work retail, or at a hospital, grocery store, gas station, somewhere; where commerce and services never cease.

But no matter where you work, or what you do, I'm sure we can all use a little power surge by Wednesday. So now the question is... How are you gonna get it?! Perhaps... a little "Hump Day Romance" will give you the boost you need! ♡♡♡♡♡♡

Here are a few things I like to do to spice up mine and my husband's Wednesday!  :)

1st things 1st. If you have a small child or children, you gotta get them off to bed before any real lovin' can take place. So I like to make Wednesday's a little worthwhile for my youngster too. 

☆A. I usually get him a fun dinner (pizza or something) and his favorite snack for desert. While he hungrily devours his pizza, I start praising him for what a good boy he's been all week in school, etc. Then I polish it off with details about our great weekend plans to come. Then... I hit him with the bribe! Lol. "All you gotta do to go to Chuckie Cheese's this weekend, is go right to sleep like a big boy!" (Now he's motivated! ) lol 

☆B. On Wednesday's I usually allow him to go to sleep to his favorite movie and a sandwich bag of popcorn. Let's just say that this takes care of KaCen for the night! 

Now, for the romance!!!! :) ♡♡♡♡

☆Get a great bottle of wine and your hubby's favorite cigar, and put them both on chill! (whatever your preference is, is fine. the point is to unwind)

☆THINK ROMANTICALLY! Do whatever you usually do, just add a romantic twist! 

☆If it is not totally shattering to your work out regime, try to eat din din just a little later than usual, after you've put the kids to sleep. Or, try putting the kids down a little earlier. This will allow mommy to be extra eye catching and alluring, while HE dines! (I.e lingerie *wink* :) p.s. don't forget to splash on his favorite perfume!

☆Make a picnic pallet in the living room, light some candles, put on some soft music, have dessert, and exchange massages. 

☆Use scented oils and body creams. The aroma adds to the ambience.

☆Don't rush through anything, take your time! With it being the end of the night, time should be of no essence. Make it relaxing, talk about how your days went, or talk about yall's upcoming vacation. Just think happy, warm and bubbly thoughts. This is not the time for hard conversations! 

After all this thoughtful effort, both of you should be ready to hit the sack, burn off those calories, and feel the euphoric rush of adrenaline and endorphins!  :) Blow off that steam, have some fun, and reconnect with your mate! 

This ought to make for a very fulfilling night. Which should make for a peppy upbeat Thursday, Which should help get you through Friday! ;)  

I hope you enjoyed my tips & tricks for a romantic Hump day. Please comment, and share your romance tips! 





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