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Welcome to a New Year LCP!  It's so amazing to see so many beautiful and unique spirits be lifted this time of year. Like most, my expectations of 2016 are high. Trust the transition is all I keep telling myself. Should love even be a priority?

This year I plan to discover and develop a new outlook on "Being Single". One of the most important things I will discuss is becoming a Goal digger, no, not Gold but GOAL digger. How many of us can honestly say when it comes to our various relationships, we are setting goals and achieving them? We all set goals for ourselves, are we holding ourselves accountable for them? Let's not forget there is always an end, a reason, a why. Find out who and what your Why's are.

The beautiful journey that is developing always begins with an overall vision.


This Genuine Gemini is ready to:

1. Create and conquer "Singledom" and make it a new normal
2. Explore "Self Love" deeper
3. Manifest maturity
4. Connect with my "Help Mate" and Life Partner.
5. Professionally dive into my hidden talent and untapped dream of writing
6. Drop these pounds (Weight & Mental)

Join me as I sharpen my tools and become the a molder of all those raw clay pallets. If you're inspired to join me, sound off in the comments and don't forget to join our subscribers list!!

Be Love,



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The Year of the Grind: Part 1

The Year of the Grind: Part 1

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Meditation Monday: The Countdown Begins!