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Letter From The Curator: Happy new Year!!!

Letter From The Curator: Happy new Year!!!

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Hello World, and Haaaaaaaappy New Year!!!!!!

LCP is back and in full effect and we are coming for everything they said we couldn’t have! (figuratively speaking lol) This year is: THE YEAR OF THE GRIND and I’m here to tell you that in 2016, you can be everything you want to be and everything they said you couldn’t be! Personally speaking, I’m tired of sitting on my own potential and this year I am ferociously going after EVERYTHING I set my sights on. Including taking this thing to the next level! As the Creator and Content Curator, it is my duty to provide the visual necessities our readers need for engagement. This means we have to become even more authentic, our voices have to become even louder, and we have to become more unapologetic and purposeful with our duties to the people. With that said; this year, we step into our full potential and we will hold nothing back!

We have to live the creed; in order to breed the creed. I’ll say that again.. WE HAVE TO LIVE THE CREED; IN ORDER TO BREED THE CREED. That means we have to become more determined to live in our values, more committed to our presence, and provide a sturdier foundation for our tribe. I am a very real person….pretty much as real as it gets, and I am the first to see my own mistakes; even when it comes to LCP. I know I’ve made a lot of beginners mistakes, and on this day, Friday, January 1st, 2016, LCP officially throws in their rookie card. No more rookie moves, mistakes or excuses. Trial and error are part of any learning process, but the redundant ones are what’ll keep you stagnant. You also have to take yourself more seriously, and own the title/role you’re grinding for. Especially in entrepreneurship, you definitely have the right to OWN IT! BOSS UP, ANTE UP, and GRIND!    

This year we’ve come to a fork in the road- veer left for Stagnant Blvd or veer right for Highway Destiny... I’M VEERING RIGHT, and so can you! Join us for #TheYearOfTheGring and rock out 2016! Whoever you are, and whatever your goals are, the year of the grind can be applicable to you. #PostComingSoon!

On to other news in LCP-

Some of you may have noticed that we are down a few contributors. In October when we launched into magazine editorial, we had a total of 10 contributors, and are now a 7-person squad. No sweat! One monkey don’t stop no show (not even 3) , and we will continue to grind, regardless. What I have learned from this lesson is the purpose of trial runs. Perhaps before a new contributor is announced as LCP family, the newbie should spend a few months as an LCP freelancer. That way they can get their feet wet, without heavy expectation, and can quietly determine whether writing for a platform on a continual basis is something they can fit into their lifestyles.

However, between myself and the team, we are all ready to take you all to higher heights in 2016! For starters, there are a few of us who have committed to weekly video posts and periscopes. #GenuineGemini & #AceBooogie have joined me in the challenge to GET IN Y’ALL’S FACES! It is our goal to provide video content, at least once weekly for our tribe. I am hoping to be able to put my face in front of y’alls, at least a couple times a week. I have discovered that this could go a long way for our heavier pieces and group chats. Perhaps if you guys see some stimulating video discussing the topic of a post, you’ll be more inclined to check it out and see what it’s all about. We’re trying to breed a creed of excellence into the atmosphere, and to do that, we’re going to have to serve you guys more greatness!


  • New posts 3 x’s weekly (Monday, Wednesday & Friday)

  • One video post a week

  • Heavier social media presence

  • Deeper engagement

  • One Periscope (live video streaming, for those of you who don’t know)

  • Daily social media engagement

  • Letter from the Curator once monthly, recapping the month.


LCP plans to surpass the expectations of our commitment to you guys, but we do not want to over commit or under achieve. So we will let the extra’s be pleasantries, and do our best to live our creed.

Happy New Year everyone, and may the force of the grind be with you in 2016! I hope you are excited to hit #TheYearOfTheGrind #Circa2016 with LCP. Please be inspired by our passion, and join in on the ride to higher heights with us! If you've been inspired, sound off in the comments and let us know what your New Year's Resolutions are!

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