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Say Hello to our New Team!

Say Hello to our New Team!


Hello World!

I am so excited about the BEAUTIFUL happenings at Life.Culture.People! ;) I have been blessed by the Blog Gods, and have been sent the most talented team of contributors! I have known most of the new contributors for years, and I have a unique chemistry with each and every one of them, even from afar. We have a few in town home base players, a few on the West Coast & an amazingly world traveled guy in Dubai! This lovely bunch of people believe in the creed of LCP, and are dedicated to imprinting on the world, thru life altering experiences, awesome motivational/inspirational practices & achievements, and all things LIFE. CULTURE & PEOPLE.

SAY HELLO: to our Arts & Events contributor, Lindsey Christina, Jasmine Elle Howard, our Fashion & Beauty contributor, The Genuine Gemini (Brittney Baker), our Love, Life, & Relationships contributor, and lastly (I think 4 intro's are enough for one day lol), our Spiritual Wellness & Black Women's Mental Health contributor, Alex TheHolisticPractotioner Reynolds.

We are extremely blessed to have acquired a total of 10 new writers, and this week you'll get to meet each and every one of them! Check out the the 1st 4 intro articles and get a taste of what's to come to LCP! :)

Check out our new welcome page!

Je'Don Holloway-Talley



Letter From The Curator: 10/12/2015