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Letter From The Curator: 10/12/2015


Hello LCP!!!

I'd like to start this weeks #LetterFromTheCurator off by saying how incredibly blessed I feel to have my new team of contributors! God sent me the absolute BEST people to go to the next level with! In our first week as a new team, LCP saw unprecedented numbers on all of our platforms! Our Facebook reach was phenomenal, our audience size was massive, and our views, organic reach, and engagement are are all the beginnings of #TheNewLCP tribe! We are finding our way as a team and our ebb and flow is slowly breaking the surface. Soon, everyone will be acclimated and then we can really wreck havoc (positive havoc; if there's such a thing lol) on the bloggasphere! ;)

As the Editor-in-Chief, and Content Curator, my day to day duties to this platform have increased greatly. And that's not a complaint, i'm just acknowledging my growth. Having a team of 9 contributors is challenging, that's a lot of people to be in constant correspondence with. Hence my motivation to get better and better!

I can't fail my team...I have to be able to look them in the face, so I have to #GRIND! I can no longer cheat myself or LCP, because neither of us deserve it! Thus in such, I must rise to the occasion and be diligent in all my works, because I can no longer cut myself ANY slack! Accountability goes both ways on this ship, and for them, I want to be the best leader I can possibly be. 

I don't think I realized going into this (the new direction), that I would need to summon all my managerial work experience! I gotta admit...managing people and time expectations is no easy feat! Our Black Men's Mental Health contributor is aaaallll the way in Dubai, and we communicate mostly between 1-2 AM, and then again as early as 7am! Lol Then I have to turn around and get up and be a mom, get ready for work or whatever else my day may hold. I now spend most of my evenings, and ALL my downtime formatting articles, planning, and corresponding with the team. It's a truly a job that never ends, and I LOVE IT! This truly feels like the start of the rest of my life, and the rest of my life, will be the BEST of my life! I couldn't be happier to finally be on the other side of trying. For over a year now, I've felt like I've been "trying" to get the hang of this blogging thing. Trying to see where LCP fits in, amongst the bloggasphere. Trying to understand algorithms, trends, reach vs organic reach, a true concept for optimal social media strategy, amongst a host of other blogging particulars lol. Fellow blogger's I know you feel me! But now...finally...I think I have reached the cusp of true understanding.

But enough about that! Let's talk about what LCP has in store for the world this week!

Monday- #MeditationMonday & What is Holistic Health? - AlexTheHolisticPractitioner, and Changing Season's Changing Spaces & Filing Divorce Papers- Brittney Baker

Tuesday- Catch up on the posts you missed!

Wednesday- Top 10 DIY Halloween Projects- Lindsey Christina, Fall Into Learning- Lauren Packer, and GAME TIME: 4TH Quarter- Je'Don Holloway

Thursday- Fall Landscape Art Interpretation- Lindsey Christina, Birmingham's Oldest Black Historical High School Music Program: Parker High- Ashley Sankey, and FALL: Outdoor Fitness- Zakia Webster

Friday- Alex TheHolisticPractitioner- #GotGrattitude


-Je'Don Holloway-Talley  






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Say Hello to our New Team!

Say Hello to our New Team!