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Letter From The Curator 11/3/2015: A Glimpse into the Future!

Letter From The Curator 11/3/2015: A Glimpse into the Future!

At the #MagicCitySipAndShop presented by #GlamPop  

At the #MagicCitySipAndShop presented by #GlamPop  

Hello World, 

Last week was a beautifully productive week at #LCP! For starters, I had 2 very exciting meetings for coming projects/additions to LCP, we covered our 1st event as a team, pumped out some AWESOME new content + worked my a$$ off! Productivity makes me feel....euphoric! :) lol! But before we get any further into that, first, a glimpse into the future! :) 

I entitled this weeks' #LFTC "A Glimpse into the Future", because for several different reasons, it was. Attending the Glam Pop event on blogger's credentials was by far one of the best blogger's guest passes I've had yet. And what's even better, is that I got to share the experience of this super posh event with part of #TheNewLCP! This post is not the Glam Pop review, so I'll save the details for later. Any who's, being on the scene with part of our fly a$$ team was a golden moment. Part of my vision for LCP was playing out right before my eyes, and I couldn't help but be grateful to be living my dreams. If there was a side bubble that could have played out my side bar thoughts, it would have been a glimpse into many more awesome events/opportunities like that one, in different cities/countries, with my team, in fabulous (upgraded) branding attire, all rocking it in our individual, unique, styles. Along with awesome goody grab bags, perks and treats, it was all there lol. Funny thing is, about 1yr 1/2 I wrote a poem called "Ready" ( pertaining to moments like those, and I'll be damned if I wasn't LIVING one of those moments! :) Glam pop review coming soon! 


I met up with the royal #JeffersonRalphael the incredible male wardrobe consultant (Melvin Jefferson) that I interviewed in LCP's 1st year, and we inked a deal! #TheNewLCP will now have a male #FashionCulture contributor on the team!

Je'Don has a productive day and decides to share a quick video with the world.

Now on to last week's highlights! 

LCP's content just keeps getting better & better, and we are really shaping up to be a well rounded readers digest! The pieces are getting deeper, and the messages are getting stronger. Everyone is figuring out their Blogger's voice, and they have discovered how to relate/relay their messages to their audience. This makes for fluidity, in the tone & pace Of the article. Check out last week's awesomeness!!!

#TheTruthAboutalloween is a piece about the true origin of Halloween. I offer readers pertinent facts about the practices of sorcery, etc that is done on this day. I also gave source links to the research I did on the "holiday" and posed a few questions to broaden general perspective. Some of the findings were quite bizarre, and I couldn't help but be brutally honest about them... But as always, my perspective is open-minded, so the article didn't judge or condemn anyone. In fact, I too allow my son to enjoy the "celebration" for what it is today. However, at some point...I will tell him to truth about "holiday" and allow it to resonate with him, however it does. #GreatRead

Check this cool #FitCulture article on making Trick or Treating into a workout! Try and store these innovative workouts in the memory bank for next year! #WebsterMotivation

What a creepy little painting right? Lol! There's soooooooooo much more to that piece of art, than meets the eye! #ArtCulture #ArtEducation #LindseyChristina Find out what the coins mean!!!

#LarenPackerTheEducator provided the parents of LCP with some fun arts & crafts project ideas, that we're sure to occupy the kiddies Halloween day! #CraftCulture #DIY

#AceBoogie brought the truth with his #WeeklyWord w/ "The Lesson In The Struggle". His posts serve as motivation juice for the young ambitious person, and he speaks to the highs, lows, and kinks of ambitious living. In last week's post, he inspired us to appreciate the journey and acquire the lessons of our paths, for our life's arsenal. #GreatRead

#MantraMyMessAway! Alex TheHolisticPractioner gave us the 1st installment of her #MeditationMonday series. She kicks it off with tips on utilitizing meditation to control the flow of your day. 

#DeactivatingEskrige! Our #GenuineGemini went deep last week with a post all about tears! But this is no sob story honey, she tells us how to let the tears TRAIN us and TRANSFORM us for battle, and the war games of life! #ChillingRead! 

#LaurenPackerTheEducator hit us with a double whammy last week! 😎 As an educator, every year she has to have the "we don't celebrate Halloween" conversation with a parent. So she offers LCP the perspective she gives parents in limbo of this decision every year- #HalloweenOrNah! 


Did you enjoy this weeks #LetterFromTheCurator? Do you enjoy being able to catch up on all the latest reads in one place? Does my glimpse in the the future inspire you to glimpse into yours? What was favorite read from last week? Sound off in the comments! Oh & don't forget to like/follow us below!  








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