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CULTURE: The Tanzanian Safari

Yo LCP family what's up?!

It haS been too long since my last post but as you may have noticed my posts require on site analysis and photos and getting to these places unfortunately can take longer than I like. This time I want to share with you some photos and experiences from my African adventure in all its grandeur. I have been wrestling with the best way to tell this story without watering down how awesome of an experience it actually was. The best way to do this is to show some photos I captured and share some vivid experiences. 
This time I want to show the wildlife reserve parks in Tanzania, Africa from my perspective.

I know that everyone has heard how Africa is such an amazing and spiritual place...but When I tell you that my soul definitely felt at home I am not exaggerating one bit. I was fortunate enough to spend 5 days on Safari in 3 parks the Tarangier National Park, Serengeti National Park, and the Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area. 

Check out the video of my Africn Safari!

As an avid National Geographic junky this was truly a bucket list moment. I choose to jetset because traveling has a unique way of making u feel alive but Africa was a deeper experience on so many levels. To me, the best thing about travelling Africa is that it has the power to touch and awaken places inside your soul that you never even knew existed.

It amazes me how a land so rich with culture, beauty, natural resources and life can be so impoverished at the same time.  The people here have a resilience and joy that permeates the entire country and the children's smiles can melt the iciest heart. It amazes me how obvious it is that greed is the only reason this can be possible through exploitation of resources, animals, land, and people. I have been all over the world and never have I seen such and abundance of life, crops, and beauty packed into to one place.

It's puzzling that in my country the images portrayed are mainly negative.  The images of poverty, disease, and conflict discourage us from placing it on our vacation destination. Although I did undergo a slew of immunizations it was all worth it to showdifferent perspective of this beautiful place. The desperation of want however did taint the purity of this place but I feel it is ultimately a product of the imposed circumstances from years of the pillaging of resources from this land.

However when I entered the reserve parks I was immediately immersed into a different world where nature was the only thing that mattered and God's wonder was on display in every place you turned. It was as if God's hand reached down and directly touched this land and it was spared from man's influence. It was in these moments that money didn't matter, politics and race was not an issue and lies didn't matter only the truth, reality, and wonder of nature existed. 

This paradise had an effect on the people as well and it was obvious in the sincere smiles and deep eyes of the villagers. Their attitudes were forged from a place of not having much but possessing enough resiliency to make due. This made the content of ones character carry so much more weight.  Survival, bravery, respect, honor and character were the measuring factors not money, cars, clothes, and brown nosing.

The smiles, laughter, and greetings came from a sincere soul and that soul was shared with the land, creatures, trees and mountains.  It was more of a feeling rather than something I can arrange words to fully express.  It is only fitting that my ancestors came from such a rich place, if only the land could speak and tell it's truths.  It's a place where I could see how the abundance of the land, nature and family could mean more than the abundance of gems and precious stones that led so many to ravage the land with superior weaponry and greed.

I had a chance to visit a Massa village and was greeted by the elders and tribe.  Had to chance to be invited into a Hut that was meekly made from animal manuer, sticks,  and mud from mother Africa. I sat in a bed that had a dried animal hide that made for a mattress topper on a box spring made from twigs.  This was inches away from the cooking fire, water supply, and children's sleeping area where 3 or 4 children shared a bed half the size of a twin mattress. This was the most humbling experience of them all.

I was able to share space with wild animals and feel the ground shake as a herd of elephants passed right in front of me.  I stared a hippo in the eyes as I stood on the edge of his river bank with no barriers to separate us. I was awakend in my tent by a hyena's laughter as we camped under the stars. I had the chance to see the king of the jungle in his natural kingdom. I could see how the muscles in one arm were bigger than both of my legs. I had the experience of seeing the sky light up at night to reveal the brightest stars I have ever seen... It was so removed from civilization that I could see the clusters of stars comprising the milky way galaxy it was unreal!  I can honestly say I felt and experienced the earth in a way that brought me closer to God. When I closed my eyes I heard the sounds of millions of creatures, birds, frogs, crickets, lions, and who knows what else. 

I was able to spend 3 nights in a tent in the middle of the serengeti amoungst all the wildlife and I can say it was life changing. This was an experience I recommend for anyone with a God given mind to live, taste, smell, and experience for themselves and I hope my pictures can capture a fraction of how it felt.

With all that is going on in the world and America today with race relations I want to share how much I was appreciated and not scorned for my color abroad. I compared my tattoos with the young massai warriors body markings. I found it hard to believe but they were more intrigued than I was.... They wondered how I was from America and desired wanted to visit them in their home. I was even mistaken for Tanzanian and when I explained how I was from America and didn't speak the language I had to use a Bob Marley buffalo soldier verse,  you know, "stolen from Africa, brought to America"  before it clicked to the young man that we are all one big family. 

It touched me to see how nature seemed to acknowledged this place and the people welcomed me with open arms not only in the reserve but in the city as well. I am blessed to have taken home with me more than I came with on this trip..... Spiritual awakening is priceless.

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