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Meditation: Change is Inevitable- How are You Going to Handle it?

Partial Contribution by Sheri Bagwell of Living Well in the South

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Change is the Inevitable of Evolution 

Change comes at a constant in life, be it good or bad. But it up to us to morph change into fuel for evolution! Change affects us all differently, some people are really accepting of change and strive to create A positive outcome, even when faced with change caused by negativity. I have several philosophies about change, but the most important one is to find the silver lining in any set of circumstances. 

Sheri Bagwell of 'Living Well in the South' is launching a course on mastering change and creating the life you desire, and she has invited LCP to join her on this journey to unlocking greatness! We are creative beings and we must recognize the power we have within ourselves to cultivate positive change in our enviornments, and to view change in its proper perspective. 

Chech out Sheri's excerpt on change! Below she will express the benefits of mastering the art of change and introduce her new course!


Sheri Bagwell of Living Well in the South

mastering the art of change 

Wouldn't it be good to go through changes big or small, wanted or unwanted with grace and ease?

As I look at my life, it has been a series of changes that have created who I am as a person.  I realize that I have always met change with some resistance at first, but then with anticipation and gratitude.  Every change has served mewell.  I bet if you really look, most of your changes have served you as well.

As more change is on my horizon I am creating a program to help people with change.  I have started taking a good look at how I deal with things and what makes me different.  I am looking at what I can do to help myself that is even better than before so I can help people create the change they want in their life or deal with the change they never thought they would have to deal with.

Would you be interested in a daily mp3 meditation series to move you through the changes you want to create in your life?  

I need 3-5 people to work with me to create this 6 week program.  

please take a moment and start your day with this affirming meditation and get a glimpse of what the 6 week 'Change Course' entails!

It is important to keep the energy in motion. We want to avoid stagnation. We want to feel our feelings and not get trapped in them. It is going to be fun and enlightening.  

I have had some amazing inspiration around being able to embody the energy of looking forward to the future while being content in my present.  It is a process to be able to embody all of that at the same time and I would love to share it with you.  We will work with this process and many more like it.

Please click the link to register for my course if you are interested and join me on the ultimate evolution to change! 

Lots of love to you


Did you enjoy this #MeditationMonday??? Do you feel like you've unlocked your inner creative being? Are you willing to embrace the change taking place in your life? Are you interested in joining sherri's course? LCP gets a special $15.oo discout on the course when you mention promo code LCP!

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