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Breaking the Mental Chains: The Misconception of the Conscious Movement

Breaking the Mental Chains: The Misconception of the Conscious Movement




adjective: conscious aware of and responding to one's surroundings; awake.

synonyms: aware, awake, mindful, sensible, alert, responsive, sentient, compos mentis

 "the patient was conscious"

•having knowledge of something; aware.

•painfully aware of; sensitive to.

•concerned with or worried about a particular matter.


There has been a shift in the Matrix and I can feel it in the air. It feels like a combination of feelings…a myriad of emotions and mental anxieties. Repulsion, love, paranoia and dissatisfaction…reaction, disgust, distrust, anger, and sadness. Pride, and understanding. Gratification, fulfillment…delight. Determination, renewed ambition, self-education, building, kindred feelings, comradery, and a brand new love for your people. Spiritual longing, spiritual freedom, a longing for the Mother Land, Mother Africa, Kemet, the land of the West African slaves. The lands of the original people, that set out to colonize the worlds’ masses. AFRICANS were the first and original explorers…peaceful colonists that civilized and sophisticated every population they discovered on journey. AFRICANS gave the world science, mathematics, genetics, holistic health, language, and economics. AFRICANS built the pyramids, the first castles, schools and universities. AFRICANS wrote the first books. AFRICANS are the originators of song, music, and dance. AFRICANS gave birth to every concept that permeates general earthly existence. From the womb of AFRICA, comes MELANATED greatness! What a grand epiphany it is to find that, MELANIN is nature. MELANIN is earth, MELANIN is literally a component of GOLD. Can you imagine what this knowledge of self could/would do to the esteem of ones’ BLACKNESS!?

#TheBlackerTheBerry #TheSweeterTheJuice


Once you unearth this type of revelation, you can’t un-see the harsh veracity of the European dream, fulfilled. You can’t undo the revelations that have punctured your life perspective; and you also can’t un-feel the pain caused by the disparity. After this phase of bewitchment, a powerfully, persuasive desire for retribution overtakes you, and then leads you to ponder a life of African repatriation. A place of grandeur, a land whose birthright bears diamonds and gold, silver, salt, iron, cobalt, sweet cocoa beans, woods and tropical fruits. My, oh my, how rich the soil!

You see, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the power of history lies within the mind of the storyteller; and if either one is perverse, or corrupt… Well then you have an entire nativity of bastardized, orphaned, misinformed, mis-educated, misguided people! But once your vision and perspective is corrected, your perception is adjusted, and the beauty and splendor of your heritage reveals itself. Behold- AFRICAN CONSCIOUSNESS. Behold- AFRICAN PRIDE!


In my journey into consciousness, I have encountered a two-part discovery process. For me, it started with a spiritual awakening. Some call it the 3rd eye opening, others call it the awakening of your spirit man/woman. Some begin to tap into Christianity from the Hebrew Israelite POV, while other’s find that liberating themselves from their ancestors’ oppressive religion is a spiritual high, all by itself. For me, it is spiritual freedom. Having been raised Pentecostal, I wasn’t even allowed to visit churches in other denominations, let alone look into other culture's spiritual practices. They did not want our spiritual perspective tainted. So… imagine my surprise to find out how tainted and impure the conception of the Christian “religion”,  truly is. Imagine my surprise to find out that Africans aren’t the gentiles! Lol. My whole life I’ve been told that we are the gentiles, and the chosen 144,000 are white Jews… LMAO, how funny is that? If you read the bible, it shows you clearly that the Hebrew children are African, but early propaganda had clever reasoning for white washing all of our history, taking away all of our BC greats, and making them their own.

Now, don’t go getting all bent out of shape behind that statement. If you think I’m crazy and blasphemous, that’s ok. I once thought the same about people who spoke like me.. Well, that’s not entirely true… In my younger years, yes. But as an open-minded, free thinking, mature adult, no. New spiritual ideals arouse my curiosity now, more than anything.

However, don’t hate me, or judge me for my spiritual enlightenment. Hate the Vatican and the Nicaea who organized to corrupt the spiritual practice, with religion, conspiracy, and evil intentions. I know many unlearned Christians have probably just recovered from the stroke that last sentiment caused, and others have probably damned me to a burning brimstone hell, for speaking such blasphemy. Luckily for me, I understand the concept and intended interpretation of hell. Anywhooo’s, another topic, and another post, so I digress for now.


Be that as it may, the biggest misconception of being “conscious” and what it does to one’s spirituality, is that we are saying to hell with God and Jesus, it’s fake, it’s a farse, blah blah blah blah blah. News flash-

THAT COULDN’T BE ANY FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. IN FACT, IT’S A GIANT MISINTERPRETATION OF OUR FREEDOM! especially considering the fact that every religion on the face of this earth, all stem from the original African spiritual PRACTICEs, OF WEST AFRICAN VODUN; including Christianity! so how could we deny his existence? we can't and we don't want to! his name just ain't jesus...and a slew of other misinterpretations, but this is enough for 1 day lol. 

If anything, consciousness intensifies your spiritual connection to The Creator, The Most High, God. You discover how the bible was intended to be interpreted, and how translation, additional writings, and the extraction of full books, changed concepts, precepts, and messaging. It’s also understanding that The Creator is not man. The Creator has many more facets to its existence than, the idea of God being a White man-king on a throne. There is a feminine deity to God consciousness, as there is a masculine energy. But The Creator is far more than God the Father, and Mother God (which is The Spirit of God). If God is the only God and operates alone, then who was he talking to in Genesis 1:26 when he says "Let US make man in OUR own image." Who is US, and OUR? Perhaps a male and female deity, since there are male and females on earth????? Which IS the root of African spirituality: THE ANKH- LIFE!MALE & FEMALE, and the only way to create LIFE.. The Ankh is the original cross, that European's tried to emulate and didn't know it's true meaning. It's funny how it's original intention was to be symbolic of life, and the European cross is symbolic of DEATH- an evil, vile, crucifixion!

Alex Trebek, I'll take the Ankh over Death, for $5,000, please!

The Creator intended for godliness to be in our consciousness, and for us to feel the presence of The Most High in all aspects and elements of life. There’s a reason our ancestors’ paid homage to the earth and the elements of nature. We Bla-fricans are tribal people and our melanin connects us to all of creation, in a deeply intrinsic way.

I’m a very deep person…and an even deeper thinker, and I personally enjoy the additional factors of African spirituality... It matches my gangsta, it matches my intellect, and the abyss of my multi-dimensional soul! :) With a better understanding of spirituality and energy, I have a greater sense of connectedness with my deceased loved ones. Our ancestors don’t die out and get off our energetic wave lengths. They are our listeners in the sky, our spirit guides, and angelic guardians. They are very much with us, and long for us to reach out to them. I gotta tell you, the results of my prayer and meditation life have been very rewarding. I am more centered and peaceful in my overall existence, and I have acquired a greater sense of self.

Basically, "The Conscious" which a lot of you "Christian" folk love to patronize with quotation marks, and big, spacey, air-head statements like- "Oh my Jesus, Shae, what are these conscious people talking about? Like...they're so going to hell!" "Oh suddenly everyone is conscious and wants to go back to Africa, and no longer believe in Jesus, huh?" Or my fav- "Oh so I guess I'm stupid, since I still love my King Jesus" No matter the cliché, it's all a misconception of our evolving beliefs. And shame on you for mocking our personal growth! I never see any of you post statements like- "I just don't understand these Asian Buddhists" or "What is it with all of these Jews thinking they're the chosen ones?' Or anything concerning another Race of people, practicing their own spiritual beliefs. But the moment a black person engages his/her African heritage, which most often leads to spiritual consciousness/awakening, they are patronized and ostracized for tapping into their birthright. THIS IS DISGUSTING! Are we really that programmed to hate ourselves??? We don't even realize that this is a form of self-hatred, and it's sad.

Instead of judging and making an ass of yourself, by exposing how unlearned you are of OUR PLIGHT, try picking up a book and find out what is so moving to us. Perhaps you could allow your curiosity or misunderstanding to lead you to find out why so many are becoming so repulsed by their findings on the indoctrination of the Christian religion. Perhaps, if you weren't so mentally enslaved, you'd realize how mentally enslaved you really are (only the conscious will understand the full intent/weight of that statement), and how successful Massta has actually been in his effort to stunt the intellectual growth of our people. You'd realize that you're a direct reflection of his plan fulfilled! At the very idea of someone going against the spiritual ideal of king Jesus, you close up and shut it down, you can't even listen with an open mind. Anything spiritual and African is "Black Magic" and sorcery to you, and you close up. Meditation- you close up. Reiki energy healing- you close up. But what is prayer? A Christian pastor can move his hands all over you while being led by the spirit, and you're okay with that. But if I go have an energy session with a Reiki specialist, I'm flirting with the devil and demons. Guess what guys? No I'm not! lol, I'm still alive, Satan doesn't come to visit me afterwards, and the spiritual connection and high feels identical to a good prayer circle.


WHAT DO YOU THINK SHOUTING AND SPEAKING IN TONUES IS A PRACTICE OF??????? Anybody that TARRIED for the holy ghost...what do you think you were doing? Weren't we chanting...summoning....stirring spirits...? Were we not in the dark, performing rituals (getting anointed) and asking God to send the spirit down? Did/do we not become "possessed" by the spirit when the gift of tongues, befall us? Did/do we not take off running and shouting about, when "possessed" or "blessed" by the spirit to do so???? Does that not look identical to what we've all seen on the National Discovery channel, when an African tribe is worshipping? Only difference is, they're speaking their own language, so all of what their saying sounds foreign. But imagine how we'd look to another nativity of people, watching us worship, who do not know the language we're speaking.. NEWS FLASH- It's the same thing, coming from the same source! If you still think that God is limited to Christianity, and that all the other people in the world in other faiths are damned to hell...then you really need to get out more... You a few history books on different cultures....take a trip out the country, and experience life or something! Idk, but that closed minded mentality... is the same as slaves not realizing that there's more to life beyond the plantation!

Figure this....the revolutionary runaway slaves and builders and workers of the underground railroad system, were the 1st conscious folks. It's because of revolutionary, free thinkers like us "conscious" people, that the underground railroad system worked. They understood The Creator, and knew that that Christian doctrine (rewritten to uphold slavery, and riddle us with fear of an even bigger, badder, white guy in the sky who ordained our servitude) was keeping them enslaved by fear. The Christian slaves accepted that slavery was the will of God, and they should continue to serve, humbly. OUT OF FEAR. Fear of GOD and Massta's wrath So they patiently prayed, and waiting for heaven on the other side. Well, the conscious slaves knew they deserved to have heaven on earth too, and knew what God truly wants for his people, so they tooled up and bounced! I don't know about yall, but that's exactly the type of Negus (for my conscious people 😎) I am lol! 


Becoming “conscious” is such a journey. It is a journey to spiritual and mental evolution. It is freedom, it is truth. It is revolutionary, mental advancement, and tribute to the plight of the first, West African slaves. It is knowledge of self, and an African spiritual awakening. Consciousness is understanding the cause of the state of our people, and loving them harder because of it. It is the discovery that, I am you, and you are me, and they are we, and we are them, and they are us, and we are them, and we are all in this thing together. Consciousness, is African unity. Consciousness is feeling the heartbeat of the Motherland, rush through your veins. Consciousness….is God-Consciousness. becoming the true celestial vessel you are, and shedding the layers that keep your mentality, spirituality, and evolution; one dimensional.

Love. Live. Life.

Peace and Love













Culture: Reiki Energy Healing & Self Care

Culture: Reiki Energy Healing & Self Care