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How White Supremacists Feel About Beyonce`'s Super Bowl Performance: The Tomi Lahren Rant

How White Supremacists Feel About Beyonce`'s Super Bowl Performance: The Tomi Lahren Rant


"First it was “Hands up, don’t shoot” then it was burning down buildings and looting drug stores, all the way to “Oscar’s so White” and now, even the Super Bowl halftime show has become a way to politicize and advance the notion, that Black lives matter more. This isn’t about equality, this is about ram-riding an aggressive agenda down our throats, and using fame and entertainment value to do so.

Beyonce`, really?

What is the political message here, what is it they’re trying to convey? A salute to what? A group that used violence and intimidation to advance, not racial equality, but the overthrow of White domination? The Black Panthers for those who don’t know were critical of Martin Luther Kings’ non-violent Civil Right’s Movement. They didn’t believe in change through peace, they promoted violence instead.

So congratulations Beyonce`, you made your statement, you should be proud of yourself. The Super Bowl, the most watched event on television, a game that brings Americans of every color, background, or political party, together. A game where black fans cheer next to white fans. A game where teammates work together as one, regardless of race. A celebration of diversity rooted in a common bond.

But forget that!

These privileged, Hollywood entertainment types are really something. Beyonce` didn’t reference the Black Panther’s to bring about some kind of positive change. She did it to get attention.

Good for you, you made headlines. You just like President Obama, Jada Pinkett Smith, Al Sharpton, and so many others just can’t let America heal. Keep ripping off the historical band aid. Why be a cultural leader, when you can play the victim, right?

Guess what Beyonce'? White people like your music too. White people buy your songs on ITunes, and memorize your lyrics and admire your talent and beauty. Little white girls want to be like you, just as little black girls do. But instead of recognizing that, you’d rather perpetuate the great battle of the races.

Your husband was a drug dealer. For 14 years he sold crack cocaine. Talk about protecting Black neighborhoods. Start at home. 

Those are my final thoughts. God bless you, God bless America, and take care.”

-Tomi Lahren 

(The above quote is a complete transcription of the video broadcast on the

 ‘The Blaze’s’ Tomi Lahren started her Tuesday afternoon off patronizing the African American race for its bullshit Black Lives Matter Movement; as if it’s a hyperbolic, overrated message that we’re over reacting about. She then goes on to use one city’s reaction, to a city’s inaction taken against a criminal police department, and cancels the legitimacy of the entire BLM movement. She’s pissed that blacks feel they have the right to speak up about the lack of recognition and opportunity we receive in white washed Hollywood, but she's mostly UPSET with the audacious bombshell that is Beyoncé!  

She can’t understand how this big mouthed, powerfully influential, negro woman had the audacity to bring her Black Lives Matter/Black Panther celebration bullshit to the forefront of White American t.v. How dare she ‘ram-ride” her propaganda, and personal agenda down innocent, White throats?

She goes on to demand to know Beyoncé's political aim, and what message she’s trying to convey. She further patronizes all things uplifting to the Black community and insults the salutation Beyoncé is giving to The Black Panther Party altogether, claiming it was all for attention.


Yeah, you're probably right Tomi.. Beyoncé is most famous for is being a talentless, attention seeking, fame-whore, right? WRONG! Try that number on someone without the prestige and influence that she has!

As liars like yourself in the media often do, you begin to poison the minds of Americans by vilifying people, places, and actions you know nothing about. You're a young lil broad, therefore the BPP was before your time, and because White America doesn't teach empowering black history in school, chances are; your spill was a direct reflection of pre-prep for the show! You simply regurgitated what you'd heard in the preshow meeting, because had you done even one Google search, you'd have known the the BPP stood for so much more. They brought protection, brother/fatherhood, and resources into black communities nationwide. But as you gutys often do, you deminished its character and value with lies and your own version of intimidation tactics. Good for you Tomi, you've made headlines too! 

She cites that the Black Panther's were “a group that used violence and intimidation to advance, not racial equality, but the overthrow of white dominance.” And that’s when it all clicked for me folks... This wicked wench is all fired up BECAUSE SHE’S A RACIST, WHITE SUPREMACIST, PRICK-BROAD! #Duh


Of course she’s pissed. How dare any Nigger girl or boy try to organize and overthrow white dominance?! #WhitePower, right? After all it’s the reason we had to start uplifting #BlackPower in the first place, because violence begets violence, right? Non-violence surely did not begat peace for us, so someone had to come along and try something a little different, don’t cha think? I guess she forgot intimidation, and violence is how Christopher Columbus was able to secure the America’s for the US, huh? I guess she also forgot that violence and intimidation tactics is the whole reason America is what it is today. After all, White dominance is the power that was able to punk an entire nativity of people into building its economy and country. I guess she forgot violence and intimidation were the antics slave masters used to keep control over all the Negro laborer’s, huh? I guess she forgot that we learned those intimidation tactics from her beloved KKK forefathers, when they used to hunt us at night, and hang us from tree’s, and set our houses and churches on fire just for the hell of it. Or used to play shooting games with us in the woods, just to see how fast us little niggers could run. I guess she forgot allllllllllllllllll about those happenings, because had she been thinking of any of those “intimidation tactics” used by her forefathers, she would have instantly known why we had to come together and form such an organization. Merely self preservation and a means to clamp down on the same unarmed killings our communities are still experiencing today.     

Her rant continues about Beyoncé ruining the spirit of comradery and unity that good ol’ American football produces, and congratulates Bey on accomplishing her mission to kill the vibes of every white supremacists watching the Super bowl. But hold on to your seats for this one guys and girls, here’s the real kicker- She lets us all know that she’s fed up with “these PRIVILAGED Hollywood entertainment types" bwhahahahahahah😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 oh come on now, Cut-It-Out!!!!

A white woman, with the PRIVILAGE of having her own news segment, and the PRIVILAGE to word vomit on America DAILY, and “Ram-Ride” her whacky agendas and “conservative” views down our throats is complaining about a Black woman’s salute to her predecessors in a performance during Black History Month, on its 50th anniversary. How…..bizarre….? How…..ironic….? How…..IGNORANT of you to say!

Tomi, do you realize that you accidentally, inadvertently, let the whole world know that you’re a closet, racist, prick-broad???? I wonder if she realizes that she just got a little too real and raw.. I guess she forgot that some things said at the dinner table, are to remain there. Silly racist-new millennial, you forgot your grand pappy’s golden rule. Never let the oppressed know that you’re one of their oppressors! In the 20th century at least. Nonetheless #Duh!

Here’s where it really gets interesting, she is practically spewing venom from her little wicked lips as she so angrily and disgustedly reminds Beyoncé that she has white supporters too, and that “white little girls admire and want to be like you to, just the same as “BLACK” little girls do”. You must watch the video to see how repulsed she is with Beyonce’ for choosing one day, one time in her career, and one major opportunity to use her power and influence for the greater good of her culture and nativity of people. In other words, we made you Beyoncé! We let you on, we let in into our homes, we let you become a millionaire, and this is how you repay us? By letting our little girls know that you have a very Afrocentric daughter, and a very negro looking husband, and you uplift and celebrate your ethnicity's beauty. And that you’d like it a lot if we could just stop shooting innocent, unarmed black people, so that you and your ex-drug dealing husband can stop sending money to pay for the funerals of the slain victims, and their families attorney’s fees, etc.

How dare you make such a statement Beyonce?!

Lastly, the little hyper active Chihuahua tries to gut punch Beyonce` one last time by “holding on to the past” of her husband’s former lifestyle and keeps “ripping the historical Band-Aid off” of Jay-z's wounds by reminding us of his past.

News flash Tomi Lahren, THE HISTORICAL BAND AID THAT YOU THINK HAS HEALED AMERICA, AINT HEALED SHIT! THAT’S WHY AMERICA IS STILL SO SCREWED UP!!!! #Duh. I guess America forgot to put some Neosporin on the wound before they bandaged it, or something. But the terrorizing, cutting, looting, shooting, burning, rioting, raping, and taking of African lives, has not been forgotten, and Black America has still not healed from the plight of our ancestors. ACCEPT IT! Mainly because the SUCCESSORS of White supremacy won’t allow us to. Either way, America is still screwed because of ignorant retards with a lapel mic and an audience like you!

So thank you Tomi Lahren, for helping America to remain, cynical and self seeking!



Keep slaying Beyoncé, thank you for reminding the African community of its power to provoke change through #FORMATION! 

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