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Election Day 2016: I VOTED...but NOT because I Believe in the System!


Here are 5 reasons why I voted, despite my beliefs..


1.       Because I want to do absolutely anything within my power to piss a Trump supporter off!

So if by any chance in the moon my lil vote truly does count (despite the fact that we’re in a Red State), and can add any good measure to the plight of keeping bigot Trump out the Oval, #CountMeIn.  

2.       Because my ancestors would want me to.. Because at the time they were fighting for the right to vote, it actually did have the capacity to provoke change and equality.

So in the spirit of homage for our martyred, and the spirit of civil rights for which they fought, that which we inarguably benefit from today, I vote.

3.       Because my husband and I want to be well within our rights to talk big SHIT!

So when we say "I told you the She-Devil was not going to do anything for our people and that the carefully constructed loop holes of the constitution will continue to render us defenseless.


"I voted & the bigot He-Devil still won".

Yes, Hilary may be the lesser of two evils, however, she is an expert at closet evil and hatred for melanted people. and until she publically apologizes for helping to enslave millions of my fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers and sisters through systemic traps of oppression and mass incarceration... I don't truly rock with her.

Yes, Chick knows her stuff & got my vote over trump, but until she officially renounces the pledge of The Daughters of The American Revolution, and apologizes for "that one time in band camp" when she wore blackface for Halloween and actually went out in public, she can kiss my ass.

Hell, until she apologizes for attending all those secret meetings that birthed the 3 strikes law, & furthered the detriment of my people…she can kiss my ass!

But hey, at least this way we may not have to fear concentration camps and the second holocaust.

4.   I voted because... I fear concentration camps..

I’m not ready to permanently leave America just yet, so while I prepare my finances and get all my affairs in order, I need the end of the world to hold off for at least another four years.

5.       And because this is the first election that I am at least partially cognitive of what a democratic republic is supposed to be.

So, i’d like to see to how the conspiracy theorists, and the teachings of black activists like Malcom X, Assata Shakur, & Dr. Umar Johnson fair in comparison to what happens, vs what they said would happen, no matter who is in office. That being, that black people (as a whole) will remain IN the same position we've been in. 

Might it become plain for us to see that the honorable Marcus Garvey was right...? African people will never fair well in a republic that wasn’t designed to represent us.. Perhaps we may find that a rendition of Garveyism would do the USA some good.. 

BTW, I'm pissed at that last minute play Clinton's camp threw... I guess they sowed the black vote up with the king and queen of hip hop endorsing them!


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