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Mid-Week Meditation: How to Cultivate The Year of the Grind into Your Lifestyle!!

Mid-Week Meditation: How to Cultivate The Year of the Grind into Your Lifestyle!!

#LiveTheCreed #BreedTheCreed

So it's the first week of 2016 and hopefully you're rolling on a blissful high of determination. I know I am, because I have declared #TheYearOfTheGrind over Circa 2016!

The key mental hack to cultivating new lifestyles into your way of life is to infuse the thoughts associated with the lifestyle change into your mind. 

All efforts to change ones way of thinking, starts with the changing of one's mindset, first.

For me, I've been preparing the evolution of Circa 2016, mentally, for months now; and that's all because I simply couldn't get the mantra "The Year of the Grind" out of my head. Then those thoughts began to manifest into actionable tactics to set me forth on my grind. From my duties and role in my household, to the type of leader I want to continue to evolve into, to the financial freedom I am looking to secure and tap into before the year's end, all took over my minds mind. Let me put it to you like this...even when I'm not thinking about my grind, my mind is. There are several little people inside my head constantly nudging my spirit to keep grinding, all day long. 

Last night I went to the See Jane Write: Goal Digging Workshop, and one of the best things I heard was the key to disciplining yourself to stick with your goals. The saying went a little something like this-

All discipline is, is constantly remembering what you want. 

I've made out my goals list, and I've classified each goal as a grind. Each Grind has a name-

  • Ex: Grind Get Published-

So what I do with that is, I flip it into a mantra- 

  • Ex: I will grind until I find the perfect publishing house or platform for my talents. I will bend the universe to my will, by commanding the governing forces of nature/God (whomever you belive in) to bestow favor upon me and the fruits of my labor. I will not be sidetracked by distractions, and I will not tire from the efforts of my labor. I will simply be filled with satisfaction because of the efforts of my works. Faith without works is dead, so I will works as big as my faith is, and I will trust the process of the universe. I will not lose my faith when setbacks come my way, I will simply regroup and employ new strategies, and prepare to make them work. This is-The Year of The Grind, and I will stop at nothing to fulfill my grind!

So guys, how will you infuse the mission of your #YearOfTheGrind into your lifestyle and thoughts?? Any of these suggestions seem doable to you? Do you have any major goals on your plate for Circa 2016? You should, because there's something in the air...this is the year of fruition and evolution, and you don't want to get left behind! Start today, start Monday, start next Month, doesn't matter; like Nike-JUST DO IT!  But if you don't, you'll hate yourself for it in Circa 2017.. #FoodForThought!

Live. Grind. Rise.








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