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The War On Blacks: The Genocide!


There appears to be a new genocide amiss the United States of America. A brand new initiative has been set in place to control the black population... Or so it seems. I have yet to discern whether the extermination tactics have been garnered to control the Black demographic by fear, or if the genocide has been implemented simply to control the continual growth of the Black population. But be that as it may, "a master plan" is definitely underway! It all started to reappear in 2012, when George Zimmerman shot and killed an unarmed Trayvon Martin, in February of that year. From there, on November 23rd, 2012, Michael Dunn fired shots into a parked vehicle at a gas station, killing an unarmed Jordan Davis, for blaring loud music. This could have easily been a double or triple homicide, had any of the stray bullets struck the other unarmed teenage boys in the vehicle that night, but by God's grace, that was not the case. That however, was the start of the vigilante craze that soon died out, as Policeman all across the Nation assumed their positions.  One by one, one Black man or boy after another, was murdered. One Black woman after another beaten (and now murdered). One lie after another told, and the staging and re-staging of murder after murder, continues. No new laws emplemented, no policy changes, very few indictments are made, and faint efforts at convicting the badged murderers, continually weaken our racial harmony; and further damages trust in the police force. We are now left to wonder if we have a highly confidential, government ordained, holocaust on our hands.. Is it institutionalized racism that starts from the academy, and is enforced through leadership and department quotas? There are laws that were implemented long ago, to uphold or justify racial profiling (and illegal search and seizure), which in turn has single-handedly engineered police brutality! The momentum from centuries of hatred, racism, and bigotry, is the same gasoline fueling THE WAR ON BLACKS today. 


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