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Benefits of Starting Your Monday With Meditation!! #MeditationMondays

Infographic curtesy of Emma Seppala @ 

Infographic curtesy of Emma Seppala @ 

I could sit here and try to pretend to be a meditation guru, an expert on the of the art of Meditation, and a well versed practitioner. But I'm not. I'm not an expert, and I don't have time to make this a research piece (lol), so I'm going to make this quick and concise (which is something we all know I don't do well lol)! Thanks to the Infographic above, I can share with you guys some of the many benefits I've been receiving from my meditation efforts, and where I'm trying to elevate to, through meditation. 

I started playing at meditation about a year ago, when I was gearing up to start my blog. There were so many changes taking place in my life (like my nana's death) and a shifting of people places and things, and I was trying to grasp it all. Adjusting to my nana's (my great aunt) absence in this life, getting used to my grandmother (Gama) being back in California, digesting all the aspects of my blogging venture, and LIFE IN GENERAL was all overwhelming; and meditation helped me make sense of it all. 

Because life gets so hectic (especially w/a 4 year old :) and time often evades us, It has been challenging to make meditation a completely habitual practice. However, I am hoping that starting 'Meditation Monday's' on L. C. P. will aid my efforts. If we start our week off with clarity and peace of mind, then we'll be able to better navigate our week...don't change think? I plan to start sharing cool fun facts, personal experiences and advancements I've made through the practice, and heavy study's on the matter on Monday's.

Hopefully people are motivated to join us in 'Meditation Monday's' and will share their testimonies. Hopefully we end up building a little meditating community, here at L. C. P. :) Click on the link below, and go right over to the extremely informative website of Ms. Emma Seppala and check out this in depth article on scientific reasons to incorporate Meditation into your lifestyle.


Love. Live. Life. 




This is one of my favorite meditation tracks. The music is so soothing, it'll ease you into understanding. 

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