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Fifty Shades of Grey Review!

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Photo courtesy of Entertainment Magazine

Photo courtesy of Entertainment Magazine

Where and how does one even begin to break down the extreme dose of awesomeness served up in the 1st installment of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy?! For starters, it was EVERYTHING I anticipated, and MORE! The producers of this film missed absolutely NOTHING, in the depicting of this phenomenal novel.

From the fine specifics of wardrobe choices, to the finely tuned attention to detail in the life brought forth from every single page; this film was an onscreen adaptation at its finest!  

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan indeed have the most electrifying on screen chemistry since Mr & Mrs. Smith! Undeniable is the physical magnetics between the two, as they bring us to the edge of our seats with each fiery scene. These two make the game of mental chest and verbal sparring effortless and incredibly sexy...kinda makes you want to get into a game of cat and mouse with your own significant other! ;)

Although this film is an adaptation of an erotica novel, the sex scenes were very tasteful and not overly done. Let's face it, the book is word-porn, with great depth.. I am a fan of all three books and a lover of novels that can sweep me off my feet, and deposit me into another world; and these books were able to accomplish that.

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