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CULTURE: Passion Leads to Purpose- Thailand

CULTURE: Passion Leads to Purpose- Thailand

By Aaron Ace Boogie Smith


Yo L. C. P. what's up!? 

I apologize for my hiatus but I was busy on location living it up.... to bring u this read. So with this installment I wanted to bring you along to one of my favorite destinations in the world- THAILAND!

I believe that the things we are passionate about are a God given Compass to finding our purpose.

It took me a while but I finally discovered that traveling is one of my true passions. I love travelling because every moment is a new experience and a chance to learn and be reborn! It's like becoming a child all over again because every experience becomes new to you. The simplest task is complicated by the smallest thing; whether it is foreign currency, a different language, or even driving with the steering wheel on the opposite side of the car. Life can easily become monotonous if you aren't careful so I make it my business to do something "out of the box" from time to time just to free my mind.

As we prepare to bring in the New Year I wanted to encourage you to make it your business to find your passions in life and truly live for the new experiences that 2016 can bring. The best way to enjoy your life is by doing what you are passionate about because passion never becomes monotonous! If we are lucky enough, life can be a looooong journey ...... filled with many turns, construction zones, speed traps and potholes! You will never reach your destination if you aren't willing to endure the process of getting there... The best way to do that is to simply enjoy the ride! (My pops taught me that)

Thailand is a land full of many experiences and not to mention great people, beautiful scenery, pristine beaches and delicious food. This was my first repeated destination, which says a lot about it. This place has sentimental value to me as well, because it was the first foreign destination that I was able to bring my friends to as an international tour guide.  So it was only right that it was my first revisited country. 

Thailand is a place where if you're brave enough, u can eat the strangest meals. Quality, gourmet meals are even prepared on the street!  It's a place where you can receive a TWO hour Thai massage complete with traditional robes, tea, and slippers for less than 15 US dollars.  You can also purchase live blue crab off the street right outside a seven eleven lol.

The beauty of the beaches are second to none. And the people are amazingly friendly and appreciative of a brother of color.  As I eluded to in a previous blog the closest some of these people may come to an African American male from down south is YouTube! So it's quite an experience to draw a sense of celebrity if you will. 

I'd say the nightlife is second to none and the 'Hangover' movie franchise did the country's party scene justice. There is a stark difference between the experiences of the explorer that may be more interested in the deeper side of culture. There are numerous temples jungles,  and floating markets to see. This place is a cultural melting pot of beauty, nightlife, warm smiles, and its very affordable.

This video was from my 2nd trip and this was a celebratory trip lol......lets just say we turned up! From time to time you must reward yourself for accomplishing goals that you set for yourself...

When you are bold enough to place blinders on yourself and pursue a goal relentlessly you must celebrate your accomplishments..... so if I embarrass myself so be it!


If I can inspire one person to change their focus from the daily grind to reaching for a personal passion then this was all well worth it.  Sometimes SEEING something is possible is all that it takes to spark that ambition. I am sharing this to show you the possibilities that 2016 may hold for you. Much can change in a years time especially when you are crazy enough to follow your dreams and passions that you have for yourself.... L.C.P. LET'S GOOOOOOOO









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