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TABOO: I'm Still Breastfeeding my 3 Year Old- AND. WHAT?

By Alex TheHolisticPractotioner 


Hello my LCP Crew! 

When my daughter Chosen was born, I was determined to give breastfeeding another round and this time I was ready!! I was older and wiser (in breastfeeding, at least lol) and I was ready to take on the challenge. I had researched and read several books on the subject, and after delivery a lactation specialist helped me get started, and Chosen did amazing!!! I was thrilled because I was a young mother when I had my 10 year old son Kalib, and there wasn't a huge push to breastfeed at the time. Resources were limited, (or i wasn't looking in the right places) so I couldn't really educate myself on breastfeeding. I tried it for 6 weeks and it was a great experience, but it was frustrating. He wouldn't latch on at first, and at times he latched improperly, which intern made my nipples and breasts very sore. I didn't really have the lactation support I needed so I gave up! 

Phot Cred: Alex TheHolisticPractitioner Model: Alex & Child

Phot Cred: Alex TheHolisticPractitioner Model: Alex & Child


My family and friends even strangers were okay with me breastfeeding an infant... Before I say anymore, get your remote out... Got it out?? Fast forward to the present day 11/6/2015, and  I'm still breastfeeding! ( lol ) Yeah my daughter is no longer an infant, she is a busy 3 year old toddler!!! Yes I said 3 years old, AND. WHAT? LOL  For many months after her 1st and 2nd birthdays I tried to ween her... It was emotional for us both and draining. After awhile I realized that I was no longer going to be ashamed to breastfeed her and I could handle the comments and side eye from my own family, friends and of course strangers. Chosen is very independent, she attends preschool and she runs with the best of them!! A princess with a side of karate kid!!! Lol I'm a proud mother and a breastfeeding rock star!! No need to worry with other people's opinions. This is my path and I'm loving it!! 


Below I created a Q&A section of the most frequently asked questions and my answers to those questions. 

1. Doesn't her having teeth make you nervous? 

No she is a professional breastfeeder no biting!! 

2. At this age does breast milk even have nutritional value? 

Yes, breast milk adapts to the child's growing needs. Breast milk also contains immune factors that help protect your toddler against illness. As he gets older and removes more milk from the breast at a time, the concentration of immune factors in breast milk increases. Breast milk contains more fat than cow's milk, including omega-3 fatty acids necessary for brain development.

3. When would you suggest I stop breastfeeding?

Everyone has their own goals and reasons for breastfeeding. I suggest figuring out what works best for you and you baby/ toddler and work with that. Whatever you decide, be confident in it!! 

4. Omg, black women breastfeed? 

Yes, we breastfeed!!! For so long throughout history we as women of color were forced to nurse children that we not our own. I believe that this subconsciously played a huge role in generations after to dislike the idea of breastfeeding. It brings up touchy history and moments for many. Now a new generation is rising, taking back things we have lost as women of color and embracing being  strong women &  nurturers. 

5. Does breastfeeding a toddler make her more dependent on you? 

No, being a mother prior to my daughter I can say she is no more or less needy than my son was. She is a "normal" toddler who wants to be under me sometime but also has moments when she needs her space. 

6. Does having a breastfeeding toddler slow down your sex life?

No, anyone with kids knows you have to make time/ sneak time lol but our sex life is going strong. When I'm nursing my daughter I am a mother. When I'm intimate with my hubby I'm all women!! LOL 

7. Does breastfeeding really help lose weight? 

Yes, calories are burned every time you nurse. You need more water to help produce more milk so sugary drinks won't be desired as much. Breastfeeding makes you hungry so eating more small meals and snacks through out the day help you slim down as well. 

Let me know what you think??? Is my daughter to old?? Would you still be breastfeeding??? like, comment and share!! Any questions about breastfeeding please ask... I would love to answer them. 

"Before breastfeeding my 3 year old daughter, my reaction to breastfeeding a toddler would have been misinformed judgement".- Alextheholisticpractitioner  


                     Many Blessings,




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