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FALL into the Trends! #FashionCulture

photo cred: Jasmine Elle 

photo cred: Jasmine Elle 

Now that it’s officially fall, it’s time to transition our wardrobes! Say goodbye to the bootie shorts, crop tops and light make-up, it’s time to be bold! Fall is a time for holiday drinks, college football and humidity-free hair! Sadly it’s also the time when we start to loose our summer glow and slowly transform into zombies (but that’s what concealer and bronzer are for). Fall is the perfect opportunity to show off those lips with bold colors. Rebel by Mac Cosmetics is one of my favorites! It’s a deep berry with hints of purple that reminds me of a raspberry mocha from Starbucks, you should try it! Order a mocha latte with a pump of raspberry (and the lipstick is great too). 

photo cred: Google images 

photo cred: Google images 

Since we are already wearing a lipstick named rebel, it’s only fitting that we throw in some fringe! ALL FRINGE EVERYTHING this fall. The “F" for fall stands for FRINGE!  If you don’t do anything else with your life this fall, you should wear fringe. Fringe boots, fringe scarf, fringe jacket, fringe skirt, fringe purse, as a matter of fact, you should be Pocahontas for Halloween! Use it as another excuse to wear fringe! Lol


Have I made my point? If I haven’t, check out the neutral fringe sweater vest below! It’s the perfect transitional piece for the warmer days of fall but could still be worn over a button down when it gets colder. Versatility. #ILikeIt! While on the topic of all fringe everything, there are ways to add fringe to your style without overcommitting. Maybe you don’t want to buy a fringe handbag because you’re not sure if it will be in next season (it did take 40 years for it to rise from the 70’s. Unfortunately bell-bottom jeans tagged along, and some things should never come’s like the walking dead of fashion) you could just buy a bag charm, like one pictured below. It just adds a little fun to the bag for the season and when it’s over, you can R.I.P. to the fringe with out wasting too much money!

photo cred: Jasmine Elle 

photo cred: Jasmine Elle 

Along with our bold lips and fringe fit, there are key pieces that tie it all together. A good pair of cognac ankle boots, a fall nail color, and jewelry essentials are equally important. When purchasing pieces that are more of an investment, such as leather boots, stick with the classics to ensure you get your monies worth for multiple seasons. It appears that rose gold is really in this fall but it has been around for YEARS! I’ve always liked this gold tone because it accentuates the undertones of darker skin tones. Melanin is POPPING with a nice boyfriend watch with an understated design. When it comes to mixing metals, there are no rules! Yellow gold, rose gold and silver all look great when mixed together and blends well with every outfit. This is a sure fire way to save some money, just buy a few essential pieces that really speak to your soul and wear them with everything! Pictured below, I have a two-toned, layered necklace with brass and silver, a rose gold watch and a yellow gold Pandora bracelet. Finally, to tie this entire outfit together, you need a great nail color – one that reminds you of vampire blood. I live for the fall so that I can wear wine-colored nail polish. It looks so great with a neutral outfit and adds another dimension to an otherwise, boring outfit. 





What are your fall fringe Fav's?  




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