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The Truth About Halloween

By Je'Don Holloway-Talley 


Unlike most children of the world, I was a child who was exposed to the ugly truth about Halloween at a very young age. And no, I wasn't allowed to dress up in costumes, and go door to door Trick or Treating, either. However, my guardians (grandma & great aunt) weren't so strict that they'd restrict me from participating in the little Halloween festivities at school. But make no mistake, we were not allowed to "celebrate" the "holiday" in our home. And you know what??? I actually understood why, too! old Gama & Nana did not breakdown the encyclopedic history of Halloween for my siblings and I, but the church I grew up in was not shy about laying down the truth (or a version of it), but I didn't exactly learn the "encyclopedic history" of Halloween there either. However, they did inform us that it was a night that used to represent pure & utter evil.

They told us about the extortion tactics of Trick or Treating, how Christians were flogged, and mutilated at the hand of evil for the sake of Satanic worship, so It puzzels me that Christians celebrate it so openly and religiously today.... They told us what scenes in the scary movies, haunted houses, goons and goblins all represented, and that they were the types of evil that roamed the earth on that night, amongst many other cruelties. So the question becomes- How did halloween celebations become so widely accepted? 

Was it a compromise of te Roman Catholic church, or....what......??????



"The Druids taught that on Halloween ghosts, spirits, fairies, witches and elves came out to harm people. From this terrible satanic religion comes the use of witches, ghosts, and cats In today's celebration of Halloween."

"The Druids had an autumn festival called "Samhain," which marked the end of summer. It was a fertility festival thanking the spirits (demons) for the crops of that year. During the night, black masses were conducted. The custom of using leaves, pumpkins, and cornstalks as Halloween decorations comes from this Druid festival."  (Click for full article)


It's amazing how the original decor, and customary traditions of this "holiday" carried out through the centuries, but not its true meaning..

If this "celebration" is really one that magnifies Satan and his demons (for works that are not their own) how did it become so accepted and practiced amongst Christians? I mean...Which is Halloween, a Pagan or American tradition? I think many would argue that the paganism of the Halloween holiday was of another century, in another country, for another purpose, and called by another name. So no, Christians are not celebrating the day of evil called "Samhain", yet a westernized version of an autumnal celebration. I get that perspective too...

History shows that The Roman Catholic Church made all these compromises with the pagan worshippers of the mysticies, (with holidays, traditions, & some religious practices) in effort to convert all of their territory to Catholicism.

Henceforth, November 1st, became "All Saints' Day" and the old pagan customs of the Celtix, combined with Christian Feast Day, became what we know today; as Halloween. Is this why so many churches openly celebrate Halloween? It's kinda taboo for me to see churches advertise Halloween festivities, as anything other than Hallelujah Night lol. Call me old fashioned, but unless you're flipping the script of the concept entirely, (I.e. Hallelujah night) the kids might as well go enjoy Halloween the real way, and get the full experience of trick or treating, the parties, etc. (click on the link to learn about the origin of trick or treating.)


So, am I a hypocrite? Do my husband and I allow our son to participate in Halloween festivities? The answer is no, I am not a hypocrite; but we do allow our son this childhood experience. Truth is, I'm not a traditional person, and rules of religion and traditions do not define my worship or my relationship with God. If I were going to do nothing of Pagan ritual, I'd stop my family from enjoying the Christmas season, as "Christmas" does not historically represent the birth of Christ. It is another tradition/compromise of The Roman Catholic Church called "Satunalia" that represents the birth of the Sun God. But I digress, another post, another time! :)

(For more info on Satunalia, click the link below)

The year of 2015 has continued to prove itself to be a year of learning and retrospect for me. My world view is continually evolving, 30 years old, there's no way I can still see the world as I did as a child or young adult. So as I explore these alternative sides of world history, life, culture and people, I'll share them with LCP. A place where we explore LIFE, CULTURE, and PEOPLE, openly. 

Love, Live, Life! 


Has your interest been piqued by this article? Did you know the true origin of Halloween? Are you curious about the Paganism tied to Christmas? Sound off in the comments! 










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