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Fit Culture: Hallowen Edition- Make Trick or Treating a Workout

Fit Culture: Hallowen Edition- Make Trick or Treating a Workout

By Zakia Webster



Trick or Treat LCP!!!!!!!

The end of October is finally here, and it's time to break out the alter egos, the food and drinks, and indulge in the festivities!!! For only one night a year we get to mask ourselves, and portray other characters, and while at it, we forget our diets! This year, let's do things a little different.. Whether you're indoors passing out candy, or outdoors "tricking" children, or walking around the neighborhood with them from door to door, I have something for you all!!! #NoExcuses #JustResults

For the indoor trick or treater, I’ve discovered an awesome game on the internet I would like to share with you. This year you won’t have to miss your workout because you’re at home baking cookies or setting up stunts for the haunted houses, because I have a solution. For every type of costume you see, you incorporate an exercise, for example for every princess costume you will do 20 pushups. Feel free to throw in your own favorite workouts with the costumes you see.


Now, for those of you running around scaring us with your children, or taking your siblings, nieces or nephews door to door for a sweet treat; this is for you! Just by walking around you're getting your cardio in. Stay in consistent movement for 30 minutes to 1 hour long. If you want to take your workout to the next level, jog it out from house to house lol. Commit to 10-15 jumping jacks once you reach each point of destination, and you will have maximized the time spent with kids you love! 

On another note, to those of you at home handing out treats…what are you feeding the children??? Be mindful that you are setting an example. Be a healthy example for your household as well as these children and their adults LCP!! Safe and Active Trick or Treating!!


  “Surround yourself around fitness minded people. Positivity can be so contagious.”









Are you inspired to #GetActive and make this years trick or treating into workout? Got any ideas that'll enhance the workout #WebsterMotivation suggested? Got any health & fitness questions for Zakia? Sound off in the comments! Oh btw, don't forget to sign up for our weekly #LetterFromTheCurator to get a weekly recap on all the new posts on LCP! 😊



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